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It’s already the fifth week of the spring semester and it could not have gone by faster. Although my schedule this semester is pretty similar to the fall, it has been my favorite semester yet! Here is a look at my schedule of 17.5 credits!

My lovely Schedule (I go to lab every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

My lovely Schedule (I go to lab every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

Nervous System II: This is the second half of the main required course for all neuroscience majors. So far this semester we have covered intracellular signaling, and tomorrow we have a quiz on learning and memory. I learned years ago in AP Psychology all about classical conditioning, but now I know the molecular basis for Pavlov’s classic experiment! This is far and beyond my favorite class of the semester (I guess I chose the right major).

History of Modern Medicine: This class is also a continuation of a class I took first semester. History of Modern Medicine picks up at the Scientific Revolution, right where History of Medicine ended. I’m excited to be learning about germ theory and vaccinations. Dr. Greene, a practicing physician as well as a professor, teaches this class. It is interesting to hear about his prospective on the history of medicine as a part of medicine today.

Women, Health, and Medicine in Modern America: I was very scared to enroll in this class. It is a 300-level course, and upper level in the History of Science and Technology department, which meets once a week for two and a half hours. It is a seminar style class that explores women’s interactions with science, medicine, and health in the late-19th and 20th century United States. It is framed by an interest in medicialization, sex/gender, and feminism. I was so surprised to discover how much I loved this class! As a science major, I have gotten used to lecture style classes with no student interaction. This entire class is based on student participation! For two hours my classmates and I discuss, argue, and debate assigned readings that relate to overarching themes in the class.

Physics II: If you have read any of my blogs, you know I do not like math. I really really don’t. So I was relieved to learn that Physics II is a lot more conceptual than Physics I. This semester the focus is on electricity and magnetism. With a background in chemistry, many of the concepts are familiar to me already!

Physics can be fun (sometimes)

Physics can be fun (sometimes)

Physics II Lab: So far I have really enjoyed the labs of Physics II. Last week we got to play with cathodes and anodes and measured electric potential. The week before we used balloons to describe charge! Much more interesting than classical mechanics if you ask me.

In addition to these classes, I am doing three credits of research at the lab I worked in last semester. I love spending as much time as possible down at the Medical campus working on my projects. As a neuroscience major, I am required to have six credits of research. Not only am I enjoying the work, I am fulfilling major requirements!

Unrelated to my class schedule...but look! It's my parents visiting the Johns Hopkins Hospital!

Unrelated to my class schedule…but look! It’s my parents visiting the Johns Hopkins Hospital!