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Throughout my past two years at Hopkins, I have had some amazing opportunities that make plenty of my friends at home jealous. Most of these opportunities involve academic pursuits, but some of them involve meeting some amazing people who are doing amazing things around the world. From rappers to researchers, politicians to photographers, I have met many amazing people and heard some speak about the things they are doing around the world, and it definitely helps to motivate the long nights in the library to know that we could be in their shoes one day.

Here are my Top 10:


10. Nelly 

Thanks to my involvement on The HOP, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet our Spring Fair Concert artist each year, and last year, it was Nelly. I had the chance to shake his hand, tell him I loved his performance, and that he was basically my idol during middle school. He responded by saying, “Thanks man.” Queue swooning.


9. Brandon Stanton – Humans of New York

Again, thanks to The HOP, I had the opportunity to hear Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York speak. It was amazing to hear how he left his job in corporate America to pursue his passion, and how his life story is portrayed in his work.


8. Martin O’Malley

As a big fan of politics, I was honestly star-struck when I first met Martin O’Malley. Former Mayor of Baltimore, Former Governor of Maryland, and Presidential Candidate, O’Malley was an amazing man who participated in a talk on food deserts in Baltimore. His perspective on policy and politics surrounding food politics was truly insightful.


7. Dr. Vivek Murthy – U.S. Surgeon General

Dr. Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General, came to Hopkins to speak about his mission to increase preventable care in the U.S. and to eliminate health disparities. He was able to provide a great synopsis of what he plans to do for the American health care system. It was an honor to hear him speak and to be able to personally meet him.


6. Andrew Taggart – Chainsmokers

After this year’s Spring Fair Concert, featuring the Chainsmokers, Shwayze, and Marian Hill, Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers was taking selfies with those of us who worked the concert. It was honestly one of the best moments ever, mostly because I can now say that I took a selfie with the artist who created the song #SELFIE.


5. Javier Colon – Winner of The Voice – Season 1

I had the opportunity to attend the National Association for Campus Activities convention in Kentucky this past February, and met many amazing artists there. My personal favorite, Javier Colon, performed on stage one evening and sang some of my all-time favorite songs. Javier was the winner of Season 1 of The Voice, and I loved meeting the winner of one of my favorite shows.


4. Bernie Sanders

On this past Saturday, I had the chance to attend a Bernie Sanders Rally at the Royal Farms Arena in downtown Baltimore. It was my first time ever attending a rally of any kind, and as the political junkie I am, it was a great opportunity to see the hype behind the politics. He spoke about some great issues facing the Baltimore community, including gun violence, education, and poverty.


3. John Mulaney 

At the beginning of this past year, John Mulaney graced the stage in Shriver Hall and killed it. He delivered the material from his Netflix Special, The Comeback Kid, and had everyone in Shriver laughing. As one of his biggest fans, it was great to sit front row and hear his material in person.


2. Elmo

As part of an intersession class, P.R. and Media in the Big Apple, I had the chance to meet many top executives at P.R. firms and media companies around New York. We had the chance to go to Sesame Street and hear about their amazing new projects for children, but for me, my childhood dream was realized when I got to meet ELMO. ELMO. ELMO. I had to say it three times to stress my excitement.


1. Ronald J. Daniels

Lastly, but surely not the least, I have had the chance to meet President Ronald J. Daniels, a local celebrity. The world may not know him, but everyone on campus surely does. He comes by the homecoming game every year, and I snapped this picture with him while he was sitting among the crowd of rowdy college students. Ronny D is a man of the people.