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Hey you guys. I have been trying to write to you all for some time now, but couldn’t manage to get good wifi to do it–because, for this summer, I was in China for two months! But now I’m finally home and I want to share with you my adventures, in pictures.

But first, here’s a little bit of catch-up info. I finished my last final on May 17th, was moved out of my sophomore dorm room in Charles Commons by the 18th, and then was in the sky flying to China by the 25th.

The first month in China, I was busy bouncing around from city to city, visiting my relatives, with the exception of one week where I taught crash courses in English at a middle school.

Then, for most of the second month, I was teaching English at a summer camp at the earlier middle school.

Here are snapshots of my amazing time in China.

I honestly had the time of my life this summer and I want to share more about it, but it was just such a long trip and there are so many aspects to discuss that I decided first I will show you these pictures and my next posts will go more into detail about my day to day activities.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.