As my friends have constantly been updating me on their bounty of adventures this summer through Snapchat, I have spent the last month and a half doing Organic Chemistry and Physics and internally crying my way through this “break”. In order to maintain my sanity as I trudge through this slightly less than ideal summer I’ve been playing basketball, eating lots of good food, and of course, listening to tons of music. I realized, more so that many other things, that it’s music that has helped me stay focused and complete my work more than just about anything else (I’m actually listening to music as I write this blog, though writing blogs is significantly more fun than doing physics). So, I thought, why not give myself an excuse to listen to all of my favorite songs all while giving a shout out to the tunes that have gotten me through this seemingly endless grind that is summer class. Here is a compilation of my favorite artists right now, along with my favorite current song from said artist, favorite all time song, favorite lyric, reason for liking their music, and finally, a list of all of their good tracks.

Note: As you’re gonna see by this list I listen to a lot of rap and a lot of catchy music…most of my music isn’t lyrically focused it just sounds good…hate on me if you want but it’s just what I like.

  1. Travis Scott
    1. Current Favorite Song: Butterfly Effect
    2. All Time Favorite Song: Goosebumps
    3. Favorite Line: “For this life I cannot change, hidden hills, deep off in the main, M&M’s, sweet like candy cane, drop the top, pop it, let it bang” – Butterfly Effect
    4. Reason I Like Them: Travis isn’t trying to hide that he’s not the best rapper, but he consistently creates songs that have good flow solid lyrics, and a major catchiness factor. Seriously, half of his songs have been in my head for weeks on end.
    5. Other Good Songs: 3500, Butterfly Effect, Pick Up the Phone, Through the Late Night, Antidote, Beibs in the Trap,
  2. Migos
    1. Current Favorite Song: Brown Paper Bag
    2. All Time Favorite Song: Fight Night
    3. Favorite Line: “Bad Mona Lisa, slide with my people, pink slip for the ride but what’s in the trunk is illegal, came from dimes, no cosigns, you can read between the lines, like a pro skater did my own grinds” – Brown Paper Bag
    4. Reason I Like Them: ALL THEIR SONGS ARE RADIO BANGERS…their actual rap skill leaves something to be desired but Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff make some insanely catchy music
    5. Other Good Songs: Bad and Boujee, Slippery, T-Shirt, Get Right Witcha, Call Casting, What the Price, Look at My Dab, Versace, Pipe it Up, Deadz, Kelly Price, Wishy Washy, Hannah Montana,
  3. Future
    1. Current Favorite Song: How it Was
    2. All Time Favorite Song: Mask Off
    3. Favorite Lyric: “The top come out the Lamb ’cause I’m a super trapper. My pockets on fat Albert I’m a super trapper… I came up from out the apartments where they trigger happy. Bought my girl a brand new Rollie and she still ain’t happy. Got that Cartier with diamonds and I’m laughing at ya 911 turbo Porshe ’cause I’m a super trapper” – Super Trapper
    4. Reason I Like Them: Continuing the trend of catchy rap music, Future always puts together good beats with solid lyrics and he’s a king when it comes to making beats sound more appealing or making lyrics flow better (e.g. the flute in mask off or the rhyming in the lyric above)
    5. Other Good Songs: Low Life, Draco (Another song with good lyrics and catchy rhyme usage), Where ya At, Used to This, **** Up Some Commas, I’m So Groovy, Comin Out Strong, Use Me.
  4. Chief Keef
    1. Current Favorite Song: Hate Being Sober
    2. All Time Favorite: Love Sosa
    3. Favorite Lyric: “Don’t think that I’m playin boy. No we don’t use hands boy. No we don’t do friends boy. Collect bands I’m a land lord. I gets lotsa commas. I can **** yo mama. I ain’t with the drama. You can meet my llama. Ridin with 3hunna. With 300 foreigns
      These girls see Chief Sosa. I swear to god they all honored” – Love Sosa
    4. Reason I like Them: Keef raps with pure energy and passion, it’s apparent how much he cares and I like how his lyrics reflect that. His music is also just really good dance around party stuff
    5. Other Good Songs: I Don’t Like, 3Hunna, Kobe, Sosa Chamberlain

That’s pretty much it for my favorite artists this summer, but that being said I do have a couple songs by different random artists that I’ve been listening to a lot, including Daylight – Matt and Kim (who knew I listened to stuff other than rap), RAF, Day N’ Nite – Kid Cudi, Drop in the Ocean – Omi, Unforgettable – French Montana and Swae Lee, Up Up and Away – Kid Cudi, and Self Made – Bryson Tiller.