Last semester, I decided to write about one of my true passions, something I pursued in earnest the minute I stepped onto campus: collecting free T-shirts.

I’ve expanded my collection considerably since then, adding shirts and tanks at every opportunity I could. The options have been plentiful – Hopkins has no shortage of complimentary wares – and as the semester has gone by, I’ve added some pieces that truly speak to me.


This is actually the back, its                      cooler

SOHOP Shirt One

This is the shirt I received for hosting an admitted student at the Spring Open House and Overnight Program (SOHOP) two weeks ago. Well, actually, I hosted two weeks ago and last week, but I got this shirt the first time, just to be clear. I didn’t really have many expectations for the event –  to be honest, I signed up to host essentially on a whim – but if I did have any, it would have blown them out of the water. The admitted students I hosted were awesome (shout out to Jack and John) and both weeks, I found myself hanging out with them at 2 AM, joking and chatting like old friends. The program itself was also a truly great experience; from a night carnival to apartment hopping for free food, the weekends’ events kept us entertained for hours. On top of the fun, I gained the satisfying feeling that I was helping my admitted students experience Hopkins in the best way possible, and get crucial information that would help them decide where to spend the next four years (cough, Hopkins, cough).


Its rather loud

SOHOP Shirt Two 

Ok, yes, I double-dipped on the SOHOP shirts, BUT, I’m going to use this one as a launching board to talk about my participation in Hopkins Interactive, so I think I get a pass. I received this shirt for my volunteer work at SOHOP – separate from hosting – which was required for all Hopkins Interactive members. If you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously at least somewhat familiar with Hopkins Interactive as a website, but you probably aren’t familiar with it as an extracurricular activity and friend group. As with SOHOP, Hopkins Interactive was something I decided to participate in somewhat on a whim – you might be sensing a theme here – after entering (and winning, nbd) a summer blogging contest put on by the admissions office. My whim, though, turned into one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to Hopkins. As an activity, blogging for Hopkins Interactive has allowed me to sit back every two weeks and take stock of where I’m at – I can’t blog about my life at Hopkins if I never think about my life at Hopkins – which has been very positive for me. Hopkins interactive has also provided a great group of friends to hang out with and look up to – I can’t count how many times “Hopkins Interactive” is the answer to “How do you two know each other.” And on top of that, I get to blog about T-shirts.


This wins for most stylish

Farm LA Shirt

So this shirt isn’t Hopkins related, but it is a free shirt that I received in the last few months, so I decided to include it anyways. Farm LA is an organization in Los Angeles that turns abandoned plots of land into thriving urban farms and solar arrays. Last summer, I volunteered for the organization, and worked to find both grants and plots of land that it could utilize (in thanks, they sent me this shirt). I learned two important things in the course of my research; 1) finding grants online is a lot harder than it sounds 2) There are way more vacant plots in Los Angeles than I ever imagined. The second point makes what Farm LA is doing so important. Their efforts help turn the barren plots that scar LA’s streets into lush and productive pieces of land that benefit the communities – usually underprivileged – they are located in. As a native Los Angelino who cares deeply about the environment, Farm LA wins a place close to my heart.


   Camo rocket ship? Lava                            lamp?

Spring Fair Shirt 

Around campus, Spring semester is known as the time when all of the fun things happen. Rush, homecoming weekend, and above all, Spring Fair. The biggest social date in the Hopkins calendar, Spring Fair is a weekend-long extravaganza of fun and relaxation, headlined by a highly anticipated big-name concert. This year, the theme of the fair is ‘Funkytown’, and the performers are rapper A$AP Ferg (no, not that A$AP) and DJ Steve Aoki – both of whom I’m incredibly amped for. The Spring Fair team does a great job of hyping the event for months beforehand – the teaser video had a countdown and everything – so that’s where the shirt comes from. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to wear the shirt to the concert, that might be a bit extra, but I know that I will be there, and it will be awesome. If you can’t tell, I’m excited.

Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed my collection, and look forward to part three down the line!