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Located in the Charles Village neighborhood of the city of Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus has a plethora of great restaurants, arts, parks, and other businesses nearby. In this photo gallery, I highlight my favorite places to visit!

Photos of the 32nd Street Farmer's Market and the painted ladies of Charles Village.

(1) Open year-round, the 32nd Street Farmers Market is less than a 10-minute walk from campus and where you can find me picking up my produce almost every other Saturday. Make sure to get there before it closes at noon and check out Rare Opporunity Bakehouse’s scones.

Photo of the exterior of Honeygrow.

(2) Less than a block from campus, Honeygrow is my favorite place to stop for noodles. My go to is their red coconut curry, with ample siracha of course, and a lemon LaCroix. In addition to noodles, they also have salads, acai bowls, and smoothies–all available for takeout.

Photo of the interior of Paulie Gee's and a beautiful pizza.

(3) Paulie Gee’s…oh Paulie Gee’s…words cannot express my love for this place. The ambiance, the food, and the aesthetic are all on point. On Sundays all day, and from 5pm-7pm Thursday and Friday, their hidden back bar serves select pizzas for $10 and $1 off snacks. Get “The Greenpointer” with prosciutto and then head over to the next place on the list and you have the perfect Sunday evening outing.

Photos of the charmery, and my friend Carolyne and I enjoying double scoops.

(4) Perhaps the most iconic ice cream shop in Baltimore, the Charmery is known for is alternative flavors and is a favorite among Hopkins students. My current favorite combos are butternut squash and clove with apple cider sorbet and passionfruit sorbet with tell-tale chocolate in a waffle cone–make sure to get a stamp card!

Photo of the exterior of Old Market Barbers.

(5) Located in the neighborhood of Remington, Old Market Barbers is my favorite place to get a cut near campus. Their retro vibe, eclectic music, and talented barbers make this place so fun to visit. If visiting keep in mind that it is cash only and that they do not take appointments.

Photos of the interior of Bird in Hand, me enjoying a cappuccino, and a cappuccino w/ nice latte art.

(6) Wondering where to find me? If I am not in class, at home, at the gym, or the Brody atrium, I am most likely sitting at a table at Bird in Hand sipping on a cappuccino for here–of course. Bird In Hand, abbreviated by many to “Bird” has the absolute best coffee near on/near campus, in my opinion as a barista. This location is less than a block away from campus and my favorite place to meet up with friends. With great food, even better coffee, and great jams from their record player, Bird in Hand is the place to get your morning and afternoon pick-me-ups. One might call me obsessed.

Photos of the interior and exterior of Woodberry Kitchen.

(7)  Serving up New American fare in a beautiful rustic setting, Woodberry Kitchen is the restaurant to go to when you really want to treat yourself. Woodberry Kitchen is the only Baltimore restaurant with a founder that’s a recipient of the James Beard Award. Great to visit with family, friends, and dates, Woodberry frequently updates its menu to use the finest seasonal, regional/local, and organic ingredients.

Photos of the exteriors of 7-Eleven, CVS, and Eddie's Market.

(8) All located within three blocks from campus, these markets are the ultimate in convenience. There’s very little a college student could need that’s not available at these locations, and if not Amazon and the bookstore are always there. My favorites of these for most necessities are CVS, and 7-Eleven which is actually on the first floor of my dorm building and open 24/7. Eddie’s is especially great for their bread, fresh produce, and deli. Bring your own bags and be sure to show your J-Card at Eddie’s for a student dicsount.

Photos of the exterior of R.House and a breakfast display.

(9) Self-described as “the launch pad for Baltimore’s most exciting chefs” R.House is a great cafeteria style food market with multiple different stands. I am a huge fan of White Envelope’s arepas and Hilo’s poke bowls. Nonetheless, with an array of options, everyone will find something they like. Their Brunch House, occurs from 10:00am-12:00pm every weekend and is very popular.

Photos of the BMA's exterior, me strolling in the garden, and one of my favorite paintings.

(10) Across the street from my dorm, I use the sculpture garden at the Baltimore Museum of Art as my shortcut to campus. This impressive collection of art is located virtually on campus as the university ceded the land for it’s construction to the city. Having no admission fee, over 95,000 pieces, and the largest public collection of Henri Mattise works, there is no reason not to visit. I enjoy roaming the halls and studying works that interest me as a way to relax and get inspired.


I hope that you all enjoyed this blog and are able to visit my favorite spots nearby campus. Remember that all these locations, with the exception of Woodberry Kitchen, are a walkable distance and the Blue Jay Shuttle can take you on demand to any of them too. Enjoy and see you on the next one!