Naps are so important. As hard as I try to get eight hours of sleep per night, jam-packed days combined with last-minute assignments often keep me up long past my bedtime. I survive by napping as often and as long as I can, but my constantly-changing schedule means I sometimes fall asleep in unconventional places. In no particular order, here are five noteworthy spots in which I’ve taken a nap (or in some cases many naps) at Hopkins.

A blue chair in the Brody Atrium


These chairs combine comfort with functionality, plus a good dose of natural lighting, to make the perfect study spot. They are so comfortable, in fact, that it’s hard not to fall asleep in the middle of a reading. Overall this is a solid napping spot, but the loudness and brightness of the atrium can be an issue.

A cubicle on B-Level


This is where I go when I need to get work done for several hours at a time without distractions. It’s silent and isolated, which is good for napping, but resting my head on the hard desk isn’t the most comfortable situation. If I go to the library with the intention of taking a nap while I’m there, I’d usually choose a chair or couch on M-Level over a cubicle, but if I happen to fall asleep on B-Level I generally wake up feeling refreshed.

Mudd Atrium


Mudd’s proximity to the FFC makes it a suitable post-lunch study spot. It’s usually not too loud, well-lit but not too bright, and the red chairs and couches are super comfy. The smell of coffee from the Daily Grind is a nice added bonus. I definitely prefer naps in Mudd to Brody/the library. Highly recommend.



No one ever purposely falls asleep in class, but pretty much everyone’s done it at some point. A crowded lecture hall is definitely my least favorite napping spot on campus. The chairs are hard and uncomfortable, you might miss an important part of the lesson, and there’s no privacy whatsoever. Moral of the story: don’t schedule 9ams, drink coffee if you need to. Sleeping in class is bad.

My bed


By far my favorite napping spot (duh). Very limited noise, I can turn off the lights, I can curl up under a mountain of pillows and blankets. Although I live in Wolman, one of the furthest freshman dorms, it’s worth it if I’m in desperate need of a good-quality nap. When I live off campus, I definitely won’t have as many opportunities to go back to bed between classes, so I plan on making the most of my bed in Wolman during the last few weeks of the semester.

Hopkins offers an excellent variety of places to nap, whether for a 5-minute power nap or an intense hour-long snooze. Although everyone should try to get as much sleep as possible at night, the most important thing is to not be embarrassed to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Sleep is necessary for your overall health and happiness, and waking up from a nap is a great feeling no matter where it happens.