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Drained by the hustle and bustle of the internship applications cycle, I was tickled pink about how perfect of a timing spring break had arrived. By then, I was mentally worn down from rewriting cover letters over and over and blasting my resume on every job posting I could latch on to for days on days. I was over the moon to unplug and recharge, no matter where that was going to be – frankly, all I needed and wanted was a bed, Netflix, and food to keep me happy as a clam.

So once spring break heralded its arrival, I buckled up on the bed, with two fuzzy blankets wrapped around me like a burrito and my macbook perched on a pillow with Netflix playing on the screen indefinitely.

Soon after, the overwhelming levity in my days satiated my need for a break and my boyfriend and I decided to pack our bags and head to New York.

Though only two nights, the trip to New York was beyond fruitful. We stayed within the vicinity of a patch of Midtown New York, an area packed with an intense aliveness like no other. Though I had been to the Big Apple before, this time around, I was immediately struck by the internal rhythm of the city. The city buzzed with an eccentric mixture of lively ambition, nervous anxiety, unbridled hope, and comfortable anonymity.  The palpable vibrations – a stark contrast from that of Baltimore – allowed us to freshly reside in a frenzy that was, ironically, calming. 

During our stay, we invested our full trust on our handy dandy Google Maps and Yelp to guide us through the labyrinth of New York. Indeed, with their help, we hit the most highly rated restaurants and shops in vogue in the shortest amount of time. To top it all off, we spontaneously decided to buy tickets to a Broadway show, to which we now are finding it very difficult to stop the constant replay of the electrifying music of the show from our heads.

The old adage ringing true more so now than ever – “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it is with spirit that I invite you to see the six places and dishes that have stolen my heart in this eccentric slice of NYC.


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It was revitalizing how present I was at every moment. During my stay in New York, for a short while, I was able to rid society’s obsession of productivity and absorb the essence of time, the surrounding, and the people I was with, regardless how many things I was able to cross off my to-do list. It was singularly musical to be at a state of mind where I was aware of the syncing of my internal rhythm with that of the person I was traveling with, amidst a grander underlying rhythm of the city. The coexistent of multiple flows of time running parallel and divergently within and amongst the people and the city was at once cathartic and unifying.

Living in Baltimore, I am privy to the access of such metropolitan cities like New York in just a two and a half hour train ride. With these place at my fingertips, I am eager to visit them more often whenever I get the chance, for travel serves as an antidote for students stuck in the rigmarole of the college grind.