I thoroughly enjoyed my summer back home, and it was almost even harder to leave for the second time. The first trip to Baltimore was full of excitement, unknown experiences awaiting me, and a lot of nerves, but this time was so much more different. The main thing that was different this time was that I was not nervous, I knew exactly what I was coming back to. I didn’t have to worry about not having friends, because I have them, or who I was going to live with, because I chose them, or if I would like Baltimore, because I already loved it. I knew that my best way to get back into the swing of things was to hop (pun intended) right back in.

My first couple of weeks back at Hopkins were filled with training sessions preparing to take on the role as a First Year Mentor. The role of a First Year Mentor is mostly to help in the transition of first year students to Hopkins life. It was honestly the best experience for me, after a year at Hopkins, to be able to give advice to students who were in my position around this time last year. I had the best time bonding with first year students, learning more about my home, and becoming a part of someone’s first year experience.


After the rush of orientation passed, I did not want to settle in to my old routine so quickly, so I decided to shake it up by exploring more of Baltimore. I finally had the chance to attend a Baltimore Ravens and a Baltimore Orioles game and it was so great to feel like a part of the Baltimore community (no matter how much flack I got for cheering for non-Louisiana teams). I decided to go to new restaurants, visit new neighborhoods, and mostly, make new friends. I have the perfect start to a new year and look forward to everything that this year has to offer. #NewYearNewMe

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