young alumni profile

Name Nick Szoko

Class Year 2012

Major Neuroscience and French

Current Occupation Medical student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Current Location Cleveland, OH

Internships & Pre-Professional Experience at JHU Undergraduate research assistant (Courtney Lab)

Campus Involvement Health Leads, Alpha Phi Omega, Temps d’Afrique, SLAM

Favorite Hopkins Memory My favorite Hopkins memory would be a tie between Spring Fair and Senior Week. Being able to take a break from studying to enjoy food, music, and time with friends made Spring Fair one of the best events of the year. It was also great to see the campus come to life with people from all over the Baltimore community. Senior Week allowed me to make some final memories (completely dissociated from MSE) with my friends and colleagues. Whether it was lounging around on the lawn at Preakness or heading to Hershey Park for a day full of roller coasters and chocolate, my final days as an undergraduate were some of my favorite!

How do you feel Hopkins prepared you for where you are now? Hopkins could not have prepared me better for medical school! Beyond teaching me to manage time efficiently, Hopkins taught me how to think critically and apply familiar concepts to new situations, skills that are essential in academic medicine. My time in college also taught me the importance of work-life balance and doing what you love! (Yep, I still dance hip-hop in med school.)

What do you miss most about being a Hopkins student? I really miss being able to walk down the hall, up the stairs, or across the street to hang out with my best friends. It’s crazy how close you can grow to people over 4 quick years. Another thing I miss is being able to try so many new things. As busy as I was with my coursework at JHU, I now realize how easy it was to get involved in clubs/sports/activities outside of school. I’m also kind of nostalgic for the familiarity of our campus…including the library (A level represent!)…weird….

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your pre-college self? If I could give advice to my pre-college self, it would be to jump into doing what you love. I spent a lot of time my freshman and sophomore years worrying about joining the “right” clubs and taking on leadership positions that I wasn’t passionate about. My experience at Hopkins shifted dramatically when I stopped worrying about others’ expectations and focused on only doing the things I enjoyed.