I think one of the coolest things about going to Hopkins is the wealth of resources available for students. Luckily within the first couple weeks here, I found a hidden treasure on campus: the Digital Media Center, or the DMC (where I also happened to find my first student job!).

Photo of poster detailing items available for checkout at the DMC

What is it, you ask? It’s essentially this awesome space on campus where you can not only borrow equipment ranging from cameras to microphones to tablets to video game consoles to projectors to green screens to light kits to almost anything you can think of, but you can also reserve a Makerspace station where you can work on any of your ~fancy~ DIY mechanical or even fashion projects!

Photo of room with tools in the background

Did I mention we have a Vive virtual reality system that you can reserve to play with along with your friends? It’s a must-try. It’s life-changing, and I think I stepped out of the headset as a new person.

Photo of virtual reality headset

And gaming systems, including an indie gaming station, an XBOX, and state-of-the-art gaming computers for all you League of Legends people (I see you out there!).

Photo of a row of computers

Not to mention a plethora of computer workstations with all the 2D design, 3D design, photo editing, video editing, and audio editing software that you’ll ever need to do a school project or a personal endeavor! Peep the Wacom tablet!

Photo of Mac computers

Two words: 3D printer.

Photo of 3D printed jack o lantern in front of 3D printer

The DMC also features some pretty advanced photo printers and a poster printer that you can use to make some pretty amazing stuff, like these super cool NASA posters that I put up in my dorm. #aesthetic

And I can’t forget about all you aspiring producers who want to get the word out about your Soundclouds. Yes, we have an audio studio!

Don’t know how to use any of this? Don’t worry! The DMC is staffed with super friendly Prostaff and student staff (including me!) who can help you out with that. Additionally, you might be interested in signing up for a DMC workshop, whether it be Introduction to Podcasting, How to Use Basic DSLRs or Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator.

Photo of staff member using camera

And did I mention that checking out equipment was free for full-time students here on the Homewood campus?

One of my biggest worries before moving to Baltimore would probably be the fear of not having a camera to use once I got here. Back in California, I was just starting to learn how to take photos on my friend’s DSLR (which, obviously, she didn’t let me bring to Baltimore) and really wanted to improve my photography skills. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when I found out about the Digital Media Center. Let the Instagram photo shoots continue!