My final semester as a college student is almost over. While I’m definitely in denial about how much time I actually have left, I’m also not that sad about it. Yes, I’m going to miss seeing my friends every day. I’m going to miss the Hopkins campus and my lab on the med campus. But I’m not done with school yet. I’ve decided to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience, meaning I will be in school for another 6 years.

This August I will be starting at Mount Sinai at the Icahn School of Medicine. I’ll be taking courses like Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Pathophysiology of Neurological & Psychiatric Disorders, Neuropharmacology, and Advanced Topics in Synapses. Throughout my time at Hopkins, my neuroscience classes were always my favorite. Next year I will be able to specialize even further within molecular and cellular neuroscience.

Mount Sinai's Library > B Level

Mount Sinai’s Library > B Level

Basically I’m not that nervous about graduating because I’m just avoiding the real world for 6 more years. I’ll be living near Mount Sinai on the Upper East Side in a building full of medical students and graduate students. Even all the furniture is provided. I will also have ample opportunity to make friends during the weeklong orientation program preceding the start of classes.

View from my new apartment building!

View from my new apartment building!

The only part of Hopkins I’m not going to be able to replace or recreate next year, though, is my group of friends here in Baltimore. Next year we will be scattered all over the Midwest and East Coast. While a short plane ride isn’t too bad, it’s going to be an adjustment from being roommates and neighbors here in Baltimore. I have no idea how often we will all be able to see each other. We will be starting stressful jobs and grad programs where we will probably be busier than we are now.

This Friday is the Young Alumni Tent party, one of the most highly anticipated parts of homecoming weekend. Although I’m excited to see some of my friends who have already graduated, it will be bittersweet thinking of leaving all my current Hopkins friends.