Ever wish you could live the life of a sophomore BME student? Now here’s your chance to B Me (my apologies for the pun) for a day:


8:00 am: My first alarm goes off. In hopes that maybe it was just a dream, I grab my phone to verify that yes, indeed, it is time to get up.

8:10 am: My second alarm goes off. I sigh and finally make peace with the fact that momentarily, I’ll have to get out of my warm cocoon of a bed.

8:20 am: After catching up on Twitter and Facebook feeds (mostly reminders that the Patriots did win another Superbowl) I make my first cup of coffee and start to slowly make myself look presentable for the day.

9:00 am: I actually don’t have class until 11:00, but my brain is surprisingly functional in the morning, so I sit down at my desk to begin working on a Probability/ Statistics problem set that’s due on Friday.

9:30 am: Remembering that I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, I make another cup of coffee and pop a bagel in the toaster (because bagels are great and my cooking skills are not)

9:40 am: I continue working on my problem set and text my mom to brag about the fact that there aren’t three feet of snow on the ground, like at home.


How Baltimore feels, as compared to Massachusetts


10:40 am: I pack my bag for the day, triple check the weather, and head out to my first class

10:50 am: I arrive at Hodson 210 for my Probability and Statistics lecture. JHU_JackieR is sitting behind me today. We have a nice chat about how our boys (the Patriots) won the Superbowl and how JHU_Ian (who is also in the class) appears to be late.

11:00 am: The class starts. I’ve never taken a ProbStat class before, but our professor is really clear with explanations and gives great concrete examples.

11:50 am: Class wraps up. Luckily my next class is just one floor below, so I don’t have to venture outside.

12:00 pm: Time for Systems & Controls lecture. Today we’re looking at time-invariant signals and deriving the formulas for step functions.

12:43 pm: I’m a little confused about where one of the derivations comes from and make a mental note to attend office hours tomorrow.

1:15 pm: Done! I head to Levering to get lunch.

1:30 pm: I find my friend Will in the crowd and we sit down for lunch. We discuss important topics such as the true meaning of the term “on fleek” and who our Parks & Recreation spirit characters are. I decide mine is Donna.


I identify heavily with Donna


2:10 pm: I head to the library to meet up with a group of other BMEs to check our Models & Simulation problem set that’s due on Wednesday.

2:50 pm: We’re all headed to the same place, so we pack up and head to Remsen 101 for our Models & Simulation lecture.

3:00 pm: Class starts. We’re working on mathematical models of time-dependent circuits.

4:15 pm: Last class of the day is done!

4:20 pm: I arrive back at my room in Charles Commons and finish off a bag of pita chips because my stomach is growling and proceed to make yet another cup of coffee.

4:50 pm: I head out to a meeting in Levering and nearly get blown over by a gust of wind.

5:00 pm: I have a meeting for the Society of Women Engineers to plan an event that we’re co-hosting with Ready Set Design called Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. We decide on a camping theme for the event.

5:40 pm: I head over to the lab where I work in Clark Hall to try to do some science

5:43 pm: I remember that the grad student I work with has a meeting at 6 today, so our plasmid cloning will have to wait until tomorrow

6:00 pm: I meet up with some friends at Nolan’s for dinner and some games of pool

7:00 pm: I take a quick shower before heading off to the library

8:00 pm: I find my friends on A level and we check our Systems and Controls problem set that’s due on Wednesday


I’m not 100% sure what’s happening in this photo, but I guess this is a typical library shenanigan


9:30 pm: Unable to focus in the library, I decide to buy myself a Diet Coke in the Brody café and go do my work at home.

9:45 pm: My roommates Sarah and Cristina are working on the couch and at our kitchen table, so I sprawl out on the floor to do some reading and study for my quiz tomorrow

12:45 am: It’s somehow midnight, and I decide that I should probably go to bed