The transition from high school to college was a big one. I mean it wasn’t really dramatic. And it’s hard to pinpoint exact differences and determining moments; it was a lot more gradual than that. But I thought it would be helpful – for me at least – to unspool the glut of lessons I’ve learned in the past four months. I’ve learned a lot, to say the least. But until now, it’s been scattered far and wide across the grooves of my brain. Maybe – just maybe – writing out the things I’ve learned will make them a bit more concrete.

  1. The practical difference between a savings account and a checking account.
  2. Forget those little laundry pods. Just pour in your detergent.
  3. Fold your laundry right away. You won’t want to. But it’s urgent.
  4. Figure out which floor’s bathroom has the best water pressure and stick to it.
  5. Sparknotes is no longer relevant. Read the thing.
  6. There’s a pretty big difference between an A and an A-.
  7. Some sculptures make less sense the more you try to interpret them.
  8. How to wear a scarf.
  9. Google Calendars is a lifesaver.
  10. Call home often. It’s mutually vital.
  11. Step outside the campus.


    #11 ft. The Black Keys

  12. The most beautiful curves are the ones on applied chem tests.
  13. Study for an open note test like it’s a closed note test.
  14. Treat a covered semester like it’s an uncovered semester.
  15. Join things. Get involved. Be your own shape, but fit into the puzzle.
  16. You’ll miss the people back home.

    photo (13)

    #16 ft. nyc with my cousin Jay

  17. Professors are people too. Talk to some.
  18. Make sure to put the water in the Easy Mac. It will burn.
  19. The fire alarms work.
  20. Go to the aquarium.
  21. Baltimore’s weird. Embrace it.
  22. Talk to people. They’ll talk back.
  23. Trade songs on Spotify like baseball cards.
  24. Public transportation>>>
  25. Walking backwards isn’t as easy as it looks.
  26. Lunch becomes breakfast. Dinner becomes lunch. Late night becomes dinner.
  27. When registering for courses, use ethernet.
  28. Absorbance is the molar extinction coefficient times concentration.


    #28 ft. some chemicals arranged splendidly

  29. The Daily Grind in the Mudd Atrium makes the best dirty chais.
  30. The Daily Grind in the med campus doesn’t accept J-Cards.
  31. A dirty chai is my drink.

    photo (14)

    #31 ft. m-level

  32. Maybe bring a Halloween costume from home.

    #32 - we ended up wearing things we got for free

    #32 – i think we ended up wearing things we got for free

  33. In AMR II, Music Practice Room 2 is gorgeous.
  34. Don’t bite the display peppers at the salad bar. They’re habaneros.
  35. Trashcan liners are a commodity for some reason.
  36. When ejecting a pipet, push to the second stop.
  37. Get creative at the FFC. Treat things as ingredients instead of dishes.
  38. Take notes like you’re trying to impress Mavis Beacon.
  39. JHMI drivers fear nothing.
  40. BJ Novak favorited my tweet the day he came to Hopkins (not really a lesson, but just saying)