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If you were to ask me what I couldn’t live without during my years here, the answer wouldn’t be my Keurig, my French Press, or my Amazon Prime Subscription. It wouldn’t be Brody veggie burgers, Spotify, or even Diet Coke.  Rather, there is one item that has been through it all, from countless nights out to innumerable classes and almost every flight I’ve taken since my freshman year.

That item is my brown jacket.

Almost all of my friends or anyone with access to my tagged photos on Facebook will be able to recognize this item. Somewhere between khaki brown and olive green in color with plaid elbow patches and cargo pockets on the front, this jacket is the perfect addition to almost any outfit and even serves a functional purpose in addition to being a solid part of my ~aesthetic.~

College involved a lot more outside strolling than I had originally calculated, and while Baltimore is neither tundra nor tropics, dressing for the weather can be a bit of a challenge. I quickly realized freshman fall that I needed a medium-light weight jacket that was just heavy enough to keep me comfy while walking between classes yet light enough that I could keep it on during class or in the library. Heck, I’m even wearing it as I type this blog post on M level of Brody.

While umbrellas, rain boots, and rain coats tend to be popular answers to the questions regarding what to pack for college, without a doubt in my mind, my vote goes toward a medium-light weight jacket.

So here’s to you, brown jacket. You’ve been through the best of it and the Borst worst of it, and the slight tears on your front pockets show that. Here are a handful of photographs from our times together, collected from a quick scroll through my Facebook photos


one of the first photographs of my brown jacket, from mid-Freshman year


this past week, pictured with JHU_Girija and a Luke’s Diner sign


brown jacket was there post-SOHOP in Brody freshman year


and also in an alley (?) with JHU_Molly and JHU_Joseph


even at the BMA


and at Alloverstreet