In the second week of being a Blue Jay, I discovered the majestic Dirty Chai drink from the Brody Cafe. That is when everything changed for me.

I have been a Starbucks fanatic for years and I am going to say something that I never thought I would ever: this Dirty Chai drink at Hopkins surpasses the deliciousness of every single drink from the Starbucks menu.

I feel like the Dirty Chai has been through so much with me already. The Dirty Chai has accompanied me through all my study sessions at the Brody Learning Commons and the Eisenhower Library since I found it. The Dirty Chai has given me solace when I have felt stressed. The Dirty Chai has been a reward for me for finishing essays.

Finding my favorite drink at Hopkins might not seem like the most notable accomplishment, but it made me feel more a part of this school. Whenever I get homesick, I pick up a Dirty Chai and sit on a random bench on campus and just take the time to feel thankful to be at Hopkins. Transitioning into college is tough at first. You lose your routine that you have been following for years and getting into the groove of things after a huge change can be a little alarming. But discovering the Dirty Chai and making it a part of my new college life routine has helped me to feel like Hopkins is becoming my home.

The Dirty Chai has done a lot for me, so, I decided that the Dirty Chai deserves to get its own photo-shoot, so here are some pics of the Dirty Chai all over the Homewood campus that me and my roommate went around taking this afternoon.











When you get the chance to stop by the Homewood campus, take the time to try to the Dirty Chai and I hope you feel the same type of comfort that I do when I drink it.