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Guess who’s back, back again.

That’s right. Shady’s back. But also me, JHU_Emily, back in Baltimore for junior year!

Even though I’m typing this from the Brody Reading Room (SBE homework awaits after), I’m excited to show off two of my favorite things: my apartment and (admittedly) my selfie stick. (Yes, in an effort to keep up with the ~youth of the day~ and because apparently I’m a blatant narcissist, I invested $7 in a selfie stick over the summer. Who knew it’d have a practical purpose?)

So, without further adieu, welcome to The Greenhouse, as my roommates Sarah and Simi and I so affectionately refer to our place of residence.

12021977_10206495914010207_1196740970_nWhile taking this photo, one of my neighbors gave me a dirty look. Two years later, and I’m still horrible at first impressions. 



Our door. Imagine that! A door!

Right inside the door is a hallway that leads to the living room and the dining room

12026663_10206495914170211_728416346_nEven though living in Commons was great last year, space was kind of tight, especially compared to our new place. Imagine! Space for a couch AND  futon! Who knew such luxuries existed?

Let’s zoom in on at one of my favorite things: the TV.


As weird as it sounds, having a TV and cable (no matter how basic) makes this place feel like home. Now I have the option of watching endless episodes of Chopped on a screen bigger than my laptop!

12021977_10206495914570221_1833416969_nOur apartment has great light and a  TON of built in shelving, which is great for Sarah’s love of plants and my love of knick knacks and tchotchkes.

12026523_10206495914290214_838818881_nDining room ft. more plants.

12030771_10206495914610222_538322686_nFrom the dining room, there’s a hallway that leads to our kitchen and the maid’s quarters (oh yeah. my building was at one point inhabited by Baltimore’s elite at the turn of the century)

12032342_10206495914650223_454090777_nWe use the maid’s quarters for storage of life essentials (cleaning products, Snapple, a collection of mini fridges from dorm rooms past), and there’s a bathroom off of here, too.

12023228_10206495914810227_1643548144_nKitchen ft. Simi making dinner.
Insider info: most of these cabinets are empty, though we have a huge pantry filled with food and snacks!

11853908_10206495913890204_1738954454_nOn the other side of the living room is a hallway leading to our respective bedrooms.

12033507_10206495916570271_1774343428_nNew year, new polka dot comforter. I also have a huge closet!
(I guess I should also mention that I own not one but two selfie sticks. Though the second was a gift. I promise.)
My room and Sarah’s room share a bathroom, which also serves as a great shortcut when we’re both feeling lazy and need a quicker route to chat.


My room also has a great view of Homewood field.
Being able to hear the athletes’ pump up music is great for my productivity (or when I need a little extra push to hit “Next Episode” on Netflix)



That’s about it!
New year, new apartment, new selfie stick(s), same JHU_Emily!