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One of my first blogs for Hopkins Insider highlighted some of the amazing “hopportunities”  that happened during my first year at Hopkins. Looking back, with three and a half years at Hopkins behind me, I have so many more amazing hopportunities to talk about. Here are a few of my favorites:


One of the recent hopportunities I have had was to take part in a cooking class very close to campus. The Baltimore Chef Shop, which is located in Hampden (a 20-minute walk from campus), has been on my eye for a long time! They host cooking classes with different themes, from pastries to sushi to Sri Lankan cuisine, they offer locally-grown food and local chefs! The experience was amazing, and one that was uniquely Baltimore!

Sri Lankan Cooking Class

Another oldie but goodie of my hopportunities had to be meeting Martin O’Malley, one of my favorite politicians and an amazing speaker! Mr. O’Malley served as the Governor of Maryland, and as the Mayor of Baltimore, so he is a local celebrity! I was honored to meet him three times, twice on Hopkins’ campus and once at the train station!

Martin O’Malley at Hopkins

One of the highlights of my time at Hopkins was getting to have a personal meeting with local legend, President Ronald Daniels. Ronny D, as he is lovingly known across campus, took the time to meet with me about my new student group, Indigenous Students at Hopkins.

RONNY D, the legend

Another favorite person I was able to meet at Hopkins Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers. Most appropriately, one of their most famous songs in #SELFIE, and this selfie was pretty awesome. Through the Hopkins Organization for Programming, I have been able to meet many stars who have graced our campus, including B.J. Novak, the former Surgeon General, and most recently, Comedian Hasan Minaj.


Orientation has been an awesome part of my Hopkins experience. Orientation was my first experience at Hopkins and was full of hopportunities in itself. Amazing performances, activities, and bonding opportunities fill the week of orientation. I loved orientation so much that I chose to come back as a First Year Mentor the following two years, and helped to shape the experience that started my Hopkins experience.

My Orientation Group

Visits to D.C. are one of my favorite parts of the Hopkins experience, mostly because of my love for politics. I have spent two summers living in D.C. and have made countless trips back and forth between my favorite cities. One of my favorite experiences was having the chance to intern for the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Another favorite experience was a tour of the White House during the holiday season last year! Our proximity to D.C. has made for some awesome hopportunities.

Senate Internship

Holiday Tour of the White House


Lastly, my Hopkins experience would not have been complete without the amazing chances I have had to visit the rest of the world outside of Baltimore. Whether it was through my new friends, Hopkins, or internships, I have had the awesome hopportunity to travel to Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, the Smoky Mountains, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, and many more amazing places.


NYC for a P.R. Class

Puerto Rico – Spring Break