I have to confess something. My suite-mates and I failed our first room inspection. My roommate, Erika, came back to a yellow slip tacked to our door that notified us we had violated some health and safety points in our suite and that we would have to get checked on again until we eventually pass. Because we live in Wolman, we have a bathroom and kitchenette to ourselves and apparently the two areas weren’t clean enough and got marked down as potential “hazards.”

I found out about failing the room inspection on my way to class through a text from Erika. I wasn’t that surprised because I had completely forgotten about our room check that day. I was having one of those mornings where I couldn’t decide what to wear at all so I had thrown everything in my closet onto my bed, trying to decide. Then, because of the time wasted from picking an outfit, I poured all my makeup onto my desk in the rush to get ready and didn’t have the time to bother cleaning it all up. My side of the room was one big mess. But somehow, the room aspect of our suite did pass the inspection, strangely enough.

It turns out, half of our wing in our building didn’t pass the room inspection. Now, I want to disclaim that we aren’t all a terribly dirty bunch or anything. It’s just, college life can get hectic and dishes can pile up faster than you can even notice.

Someone once told me that the hardest part about college can be just taking care of yourself and I hadn’t given this much thought until I saw that yellow FAILED room inspection slip myself.

We had all gotten so caught up in midterms and joining new clubs and enjoying college life that we had forgotten to take a moment to pause and relax and collect ourselves.

The weekend following our failed room inspection, Erika and I decided to get ourselves together. We equipped ourselves with some Insomnia cookies and Starbucks to motivate ourselves and finally attacked those dishes. We cleaned the toilet, organized our shampoos, and did more chores in an hour than I thought possible.  We borrowed a vacuum from our friends Aditya and Akash next door (they also didn’t pass) and cleaned our floor spotless.

There is something about de-cluttering your living space that also de-clutters a lot of the stress in your life. I’m really happy that Erika and I decided to take the time to just unwind and clean. Cleaning the room was like this cleansing experience where afterwards I felt much more at peace with myself.

Today, our RA texted everyone in my suite that they had checked our room when we were all out and that we had passed. I was soooo proud. Passing the room inspection really does feel like such an accomplishment, especially after failing the first time. Even though we probably won’t get inspected for a long time, Erika and I are going to try our best to keep staying clean.