had to dig deep to find this gem from high school. maybe this is why we seem grown up now?

A couple blog posts ago I remember writing about how I hadn’t quite processed that we’re going to be seniors next year, but let me just say that now, the realization has fully sunk in…and might have brought the slightest crisis along with it. I’ve been feeling a lot older lately, and not just because I learned that Finding Nemo came out 13 years ago. Maybe it’s because every time I’ve said the words ‘rising senior,’ I picture how I imagined my older sister when she was this age—elegant, intelligent, with a strong sense of direction. To me, she seemed ready: an actual real, live adult, and now it’s my turn to embody that. Maybe it’s because I’m back on my high-school campus this summer, working as an assistant teacher at a Spanish Immersion Camp. I ran into a couple of my teachers, and they were surprised that I was almost done, telling me that my classmates and I seemed so grown up now. To add on, a couple of years of construction and I barely recognized the school itself. Maybe it’s also because everyone asks, “so what’s after college?” and I have to acknowledge that I won’t have the safety of being able to wave in the answer of being at Hopkins. Heck, it might even be because I no longer have the privilege of being pushed to the front at a family gathering and getting told that kids get to eat first (okay I’ll admit it, this really got to me).



rising seniors imitate statues, right? credit: Daniela Menendez

I can’t forget to mention that it might be because this year, my peers are working or searching for work that they feel passionate about, because now it’s time to start making bigger, more meaningful decisions. An internship can lead to networks can lead to opportunities. And while it’s frightening that all of a sudden everything seems so real and so impactful, it’s a bit exciting too. Everyone is armed with what they know best and creating their own niche in the world. Sure, I complain that I don’t want to think about not going to school, about not falling into my routine with my friends, but I know that my experiences thus far have and will continue to prepare me for what’s next. I am and we are getting older, but Hopkins is making sure that we’ve got the right perspective. Plus, we’ve got one more year to learn all the information we can…we don’t have to jump into adulthood just quite yet. Which leaves me comfortable making plans to see Finding Dory…