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Before coming to Hopkins, joining a sorority never once crossed my mind. In fact, when I was college hunting during my junior and senior years of high school, I was looking for schools with lower Greek life percentages. I didn’t know anything about Greek life, except that it wasn’t for me.

So imagine my own surprise when I decided to go through sorority recruitment a month and a half ago.

(Recruitment at Hopkins takes place in the spring so that students have the chance to get accustomed to the campus and make friends outside of Greek life before joining a fraternity or sorority.)

To be completely honest, I had a very hard time adjusting to college first semester. I was going through a huge falling out with someone who was once one of my best friends from childhood and it just felt like everything in my life was changing too fast and too unpredictably.

I decided to go through recruitment because I wanted to have a fresh start. I wanted to meet new people and get to know more girls at this school.

I had no idea what to expect going into recruitment, besides hearing that it was going to involve a lot of “girl flirting.” I didn’t even know what that meant. So, I just haphazardly packed some dresses and heels for second semester without any actual mental preparation for the recruitment process.

Recruitment took place during the first week of Spring Semester, starting on Thursday and lasting until Sunday, which was bid day. Each round took about 5 hours and by the end, I was always exhausted and ready to pass out in my bed. It really is a long and tiring process, but the time passes really fast and it’s actually really fun!

I don’t want to give away too much about the recruitment process, because I think part of what made my experience of it so authentic was that I went in without too much prior knowledge.

Overall, I ended up having an amazing time and I loved my recruitment experience, which I know isn’t necessarily a sentiment that everybody who went through recruitment shares, so I wanted to provide some helpful tips on how to have a fun and stress-free recruitment process:

  1. Don’t have your heart too set on any one sorority. All of the sororities at Hopkins have a lot in common and are kind and welcoming. You never know who you’re going to click with the most, and sometimes it might be with a sorority you never considered before.
  2. Go with your gut. Ultimately, joining a sorority is a decision that you’re making completely for yourself. Ignore the gossip and chatter that’s going to happen around you and make sure your opinion is completely your own.
  3. Don’t rehearse what you’re going to say about yourself. That will only make the process more stressful. Just go into it with the goal of just being yourself and let the conversation happen naturally.
  4. Don’t feel too dejected just because you don’t connect with someone during recruitment. it isn’t your fault, nor is it their fault, sometimes some people just have more chemistry with some people than with others.
  5. Bring comfortable shoes to change into for the walks to each sorority station during each round. You’re going to thank me for this tip! Also bring sweats and warm clothes to throw over your dresses. It was freezing during my recruitment process so having a pair of sweatpants and uggs handy really saved me.
  6. Think of the entire process as an event to get to know more people, not a time when you have to work hard to impress people.
  7. Enjoy the food!

On Sorority Recruitment

I haven’t been in my sorority for too long yet, but already I’ve gotten to go to so many fun events and met so many cool people. I’m so happy that I went through the recruitment process and I wish future potential new members the best of luck.