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Hi readers—it’s been awhile.

It feels a bit sudden, but this is my last post on Hopkins Insider. As of December, I have officially graduated the Johns Hopkins University! It’s strange to type it out, and it definitely has not hit me yet. But it’s not all too sad yet! While I am no longer a Hopkins student, I still get to enjoy living in my house in Charles Village and working at admissions for the next few months until I officially receive my diploma in May with the rest of my class.

In the meantime, I have a long list of things I’ve always wanted to do but that I didn’t really have time for much while I was in classes. A big one on it is “improve my design and data visualization skills”, and so I’ve been working on various projects for fun. I add them to my portfolio site,, which you can go to keep up with my work!

“Apply for jobs” is also on this list, so I’ll be spending a lot of time doing that, as well as starting to “try to budget”, “drink more water”, and “stick to my skin care routine”. I am going to enjoy the autonomy and flexibility of life in these next few months, and am ready to relax in the warmth and sunlight of springtime around Hopkins.

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In my time at Hopkins, I learned a lot about (1) applied math, (2) the world we live in, and (3) myself. I look back at who I was when I was applying to Hopkins as a high school senior, and it is amazing how different I am today. I figured out a life direction, met some brilliant people, and had some amazing adventures. I’d call college a success.

Most importantly, I feel like after these last 3.5 years, I feel the most myself. This is all thanks to how at home I felt everywhere here: in class, with my friends, and of course under the lighted canopy at Carma’s. I got to live in the beautiful Charm City, and learned a lot about it, too. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in such a unique place.

But thank God I’m not leaving yet! I’m here until the summer. I still have time for another karaoke night at the Crown, and another round of soju at Jong Kak. Another episode of Rick and Morty on my living room couch, more 2am talk with my close friends. Another responsibility to ignore, for one more mid-afternoon nap on the Beach…