I thought packing to move into college was tough, and it certainly was, but packing to go home for Thanksgiving break has proven to be an equally arduous task. There are just so many decisions to make! How many pairs of shoes should I bring home? Should I bring my Chemistry textbook home? If I do bring my Chemistry textbook home, am I really going to open it and study?

I see my roommate, Erika, is in a similar situation as me. Erika has to leave for her flight back home to California at 11:30 am and she even has a 10 am class tomorrow morning and she still hasn’t started packing yet!

Our laundry room has never been so full before as it was today, the day before everybody is about to leave for home. Of course, I am also one of those who waited until the last day to wash the clothes that I plan on bringing home. It is 11 pm and I am still waiting for my clothes to finish up in the washer to be transported to the dryer and it just so happens to be the one day that my JCard runs out of JCash. Luckily, Erika spotted me.

I honestly cannot believe that it’s already mid-November and that we’ve all made it through 2/3’s of the semester. It still sometimes doesn’t feel real. That I am actually here. That I am a student at Johns Hopkins University. That when I’m home, I will be a Johns Hopkins student on Thanksgiving break.

This time last year, I had just turned in my Early Decision application to Hopkins and I was stressing every single day about the results. I was dreaming every other moment about seeing that Congratulations letter.

It’s just so crazy that, now, a year later, I have already taken a bunch of midterms at Hopkins. Even though I was fantasizing about Hopkins all the time as a high school senior, I never really had a concrete idea of what being here would really be like. And, now, amazingly, I am really here, living in Wolman Hall, with my wonderful roommate Erika, about to go back home for Thanksgiving break, having survived midterms.

To all the high school seniors who are anxiously awaiting their college admissions decisions, I want them to know that it will all eventually work out. Take a deep breath and just relax for a bit.

On the other hand, I need to not relax and finish packing! I think it’s time to move all my clothes to dryer now. Fingers crossed that there is a dryer open right now.