Much to my chiropractor’s chagrin, I spend most of my day sitting. Whether I’m studying, eating meals, or hanging out in my room, my butt tend to find itself plopped firmly in a chair – such is reality in a sedentary society such as ours. Many of those chairs are located in Brody Learning Commons atrium, where I do a fair amount of my studying. Given the amount of time I spend sitting in chairs in the atrium, I figured it was would be worth it to seek out and assess all of the options of available to me. That’s right, Im reviewing chairs.

1. Low Brown Chair 

The standard-bearer for the atrium, the low brown chairs are among the most ubiquitous in all of Brody. Unique features include a handy swivel side-table and wheels for ease of movement. The low brown chairs hold their own in terms of comfort, although they’re by no mens anything to write home about. The main downside of these chairs is the lack of sufficient provided work-space – the small swivel table just doesn’t quite get the job done for serious work. These chairs are a fine option for reading, light studying, or group discussion/hangouts, but should be avoided for lengthy and intensive periods of study.

2. Rolly Round-Table Chair 

With this one, its less about the chair itself than the tables that it accompanies. This chair can be found around large round round tables, which are a prime commodity in the atrium –  and that fact alone makes them a nice option. In terms of comfort-level, this chair is  very standard: not particularly comfortable, although not nearly as bad as one might fear at first glance (the curved back is actually pretty ergonomic). Given its proximity to the round tables, this chair is good for work that requires a large workspace and collaboration with classmates – think problem sets and group projects.

3. Futuristic leather chair

If you’re looking for comfort, than look no further – no other chair can touch this guy. Every time I pass one I feel the sudden urge to curl up and take a nap. The shape pretty much just screams, “sit on me”. Aesthetically too, this one takes the cake – it looks like something you’d find in an extremely well decorated space ship. This chair isn’t actually super conducive to work, but its great for reading or having a nice conversation, as there are always two of them set up around a coffee table. If I had a house, and a living room, I’d put these inside it.

4. High Wooden Chair 

As with the rolly round-table chair, this chair is mostly about the table. It sits next to the high tables in the far side of the atrium, which provides a nice, roomy, workspace. This chair is a step down from the rolly chairs in terms of comfort, however, and is a bit unwieldy to get into given its hight and lack of arms. Personally, I wouldn’t chose to sit in this chair unless a group of my friends were already sitting around the table.

5. Funky Blue Chair

Like the futuristic leather chair, this one wins points for comfort and looks. This chair is plush and ergonomically sound, and provides a plethora of positions for one to sit in. The accompanying small round tables (not pictured) make this chair a more effective work option than its futuristic leather counterpart, although it is still not entirely suitable for long periods of intense study. Highly recommended for reading or just hanging out.

6. High Rolly Desk Chair 

At long last, here we have the combination of comfort and practicality, form and function. This chair is soft, yet supportive, with an ergonomic back and handy arm rests. The rolling ability allows for ease of movement, and the hight-adjustment feature makes this chair accessible to most anyone. Equally important is its proximity to the high half-oval tables on the near side of the atrium, which provide a great work space. While the funky blue chair and futuristic leather chair might be better for reading, the high rolly desk chair takes the cake for any other kind of work.

I hope you enjoyed this vital and timely piece of reporting. As a bonus gift for reading until the end, please enjoy this picture of Sumi modeling the funky blue chair.