In a rather abrupt change from last semester, this semester’s midterms had me tangled in a stress ball of unforeseen proportions. With all of my due dates pushed to the end of the week — double exams on Thursday and a paper due Friday — I left campus with a figurative mic-drop, travel bag and laundry in tow.

Spring break had me at the peak of my relaxation capabilities, and ya girl didn’t even go to a fancy resort. It was less the beachside experience and more the “favorite living room recliner” grind, less the fancy drinks with mini umbrellas and more the local coffeeshop type of deal. Here is a short and sweet pictorial summary of my glorious nine-day slothing spree.

1. DOG.

Ava, a husky-shepherd mix with a personality that's freakishly like mine

Ava, a husky-shepherd mix with a personality that’s freakishly like mine


We scowl at similar things.


Me clearly watching my weight on the quest for a bikini bod, at Primanti's -- a Pittsburgh staple. Because why would you get fries on the side when you could just shove them in your sandwich?

Ohh, the food. Glorious food. This is me clearly watching my weight at Primanti’s, a Pittsburgh staple. Because why would you get fries on the side when you could just put them in your sandwich? Note the mischievous look — I knew I’d regret this later


This may or may not look appetizing to you, but it was the most delicious lunch I’ve ever had. My mom and I went to Aladdin’s, a Mediterranean eatery in the community over from ours, and I strayed from my usual to order this masterpiece. They gave me extra hummus; those people know the way to my heart.


We have a lovely assortment of charity shops and the like that are a mere ten-minute drive from my house. Since I was a kid, my mom and I have been scouring those stores for hidden gems, oddities, etc. On a trip to my favorite shop over spring break, I found this beauty:


AND I DIDN’T BUY IT. It was a matter of self-control.


Seeing high school friends is always a lovely breath of fresh air after an extended time at Hopkins, and spring break reunions were no different. Here are the people I high schooled with, a normal and conservative bunch with a knack for modeling.


I am queen of the candids. Here is Arielle cackling at something hilarious I said ((obviously)).


Yes, we’re in public! WhocaresWho’swatching??


Erin doing her signature “clawing peace sign”, because of course she is.


Slothing was, by far, the most prominent part of my spring break. After a week of scowling at my computer in Gilman and stress eating, it was time for some recliner. You know what I’m talking about.  Recliner in which I napped, ate, read, Netflixed, sat with my mom and cackled about all sorts of things.


I’m actually pretty terrible at Snapchatting, but this was one of my few records of this past week. My mom is never about that selfie life, so I had to catch her unawares; we happened to be watching a movie she was enjoying, so I snatched my opportunity — or rather, I snapped it. Because it was Snapchat! I <3 the 21st century!


Slothing at Uptown Coffee as my mom reads a Baltimore arts publication. We all good.

After what I felt was my own sort of idyllic escape from the mayhem of midterms week, I’m back at it and ready to finish up the last li’l portion of my freshman year!!! (!!!!!!wow!) Finals? Come at me! Extracurriculars? I’ll juggle ya! I’ve got a planner now! Healthful eating in preparation for “swimsuit season”?

Awkwardly segueing to a final shot of the Pittsburgh skyline at sunrise from the end of my street: