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Name: Pranay Tyle

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Major(s): Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, minor in Economics

Current job: Investment Banking Analyst at Hilliard Lyons

Tell us a little about the path from graduation to your current job/career: I spent a lot of time doing research at Hopkins, but I wanted a change of scenery at the end of it. So I looked at fields where skills learnt with oncology research could be applied to, and surprisingly, through an internship, found they were very applicable to Investment Banking. I really liked the experience and the constant learning that came with the field, so decided to take up a job in IB to learn more about it.

Any internships/pre-professional experiences at JHU? I had internships each summer at JHU. I interned at Morgan Stanley, a PE Group, and my current employer. I worked full time at my research lab at Johns Hopkins Sophomore Summer.

In what ways did your Hopkins education prepare you for your career? The rigor really prepares you to handle any challenge thrown at you at work. You’re used to staying on B level, finishing up assignments and catching up on reading, so coming into the workforce, time management is no surprise for you.

Any classes, faculty members, or involvements at JHU that helped to shape your career interest? How did they do so? I liked talking and listening to Professor Aronhime a lot. Loved doing research with Dr. Denis Wirtz, and taking classes with Professor Dahuron. More than the subject matter, each professor at Hopkins inspires you to follow your dreams and explore, which is very encouraging when you’re faced with tough future plans.

Favorite Hopkins memory: Spring Fair

What about being a Hopkins student do you miss the most? Being around all my friends as everyone lived in such close proximity

How did going to school in Baltimore affect your college experience and opportunities for pre-professional experiences? Being at Hopkins gives you both a small and big city experience. Baltimore is a big city, it’s also near DC so you have that whole experience. Hopkins is its own bubble inside Baltimore, which lets you feel the small city experience. I think this made it easy for me to adjust to any location I found internships and work in.

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your pre-college self? Don’t stress out too much, enjoy the people and moments.