To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Congratulations and welcome Hopkins Class of 2024! I remember a year ago when I was just where you were after I got accepted. It’s a week full of excitement and relief and celebration. But after all that, you’re probably wondering, “Okay but what now?”

Well look no further, because here is a list of things to do to help you become prepared for your new future home.

1. Keep your grades up

Now I know it’s tempting to just not care anymore because you got into college so there is basically nothing more you can do. FALSE. Do not give up on your AP tests and grades because they could give you that advantage in college to skip the intros.

2. Get to know people in the Facebook group

One of the things I loved was getting to know this new community at Hopkins, and I did so by using the Facebook group. It was fascinating to see all the passions and wide variety of interests my future classmates had. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future best friend!

3. Start browsing classes and departments

Its a while until class registration but if you want to learn more about classes that are offered in the past and what your schedule might look like. Each department has a sample schedule of classes you should take or credits you should have for each semester. (Here’s a link to the Biology sample schedule:

4. Try to visit and get to know Baltimore

Baltimore is a beautiful city, so if you have a chance to, come check out the campus and the neighborhoods around us. You won’t be disappointed with the many things to do, places to eat at, and sights to see. Some of my favorite things to do are exploring Inner Harbor with my friends as well as one of the local neighborhoods, Hampden, which has amazing restaurants. (If you are craving something sweet and are in the neighborhood, you should definitely check out Waffie) There is always something happening in Hampden from the Christmas lights to parades.

Inner Harbor
Christmas Lights in Hampden
sunset over Gilman hall

FINALLY: LOOK OUT FOR EMAILS–more information will be sent to your email so be on the lookout for more information.

ENJOY YOUR SENIOR YEAR! I can’t wait to see you all on campus next year!!