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Hello World!

I’ve complied my best tips and trix for Hopkins

  1. Print out a copy of your weekly schedule and tape it to your wall.
    • I found it very useful to have my schedule up. This is especially helpful for the first week of school as I often forget when my classes are and where they are….oops.
  2. Make sure you have all the materials for your courses.
    • CLICKERS (usually needed for big lecture courses)
      • Use Sheridan Libraries (For those humanities textbooks or Library Genesis (FREE pdf copies of ALL books).
    • Notebooks, papers, pens, or laptop
  3. LABEL ALL OF YOUR EXAMS ON A CALENDAR (This is so helpful, because you can gauge how exhausting or FREE your weeks are. It allows you to plan accordingly).
  4. Create study strategies for each of your courses.
    • After going to the first lecture, I usually sit down and try to see how I am going to go about study for this course that way I can get myself into a routine.
    • Best way I have found to study is in small increments and every day.
    • Go to OFFICE HOURS (they are there for a reason)
    • Sign up for PILOT or Learning Den
    • This is so essential for your MENTAL HEALTH.
    • Hang out with you friends for an hour
    • Have lunch or dinner with friends
    • Paint or color
    • Watch TV for an hour


Sending good vibes,