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Just in case you didn’t get the message, I’m going to say it again: Stat 1 is NOT a 500 Level Class. If you did think that Stat 1 is a 500 level class, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and let’s be friends. If instead, you thought, who in the world would think that the first Stat class, literally Stat ONE, could possibly be a 500 level classthen all I have to say is, FINE I GET IT. You are better than me at this college thing!

I was in the middle of my Intro Java class, about a week after I had signed up for Spring semester classes, when my friend, Theo, sitting next to me, turns to me and asks what math class I’m going to take next semester to knock out some of my math requirements as a Computer Science major. Proudly, I tell him Stat 1.

Theo stares at me and says, “Are you being serious?”

“Yes! I’m so excited about it!” I reply.

“Why would you do that?” Theo asks.

With confidence, I tell him that Stat 1 is a 500 level class and will fulfill the requirement of needing to take a math class above the 200 level.

“Are you joking?” Theo questions me again. “First, you need to take classes that are 300 or above. Second, there is no way Stat 1 is 500 level.”

At this point, I am thinking that Theo has no idea what he’s talking about and needs to start minding his own beeswax, especially when he doesn’t seem to understand how math classes work.

“Show me how Stat 1 can be a 500 level class,” Theo says.

So, I pull it up on my screen.


“See, Theo? I told you. It says 550. Stat 1 is a 500 level class!” I was happy to show Theo my proof.

Theo starts laughing. He points to the “111” after the “550” and tells me that the “111” is actually what indicates the level of the class.

Promptly, I enter full-panic mode. 20 million thoughts are going through my head at the same time. I signed up for all the wrong classes. I’m never going to get into any new classes at this point in time. It’s too late to fix anything. I am never going to graduate in time. I’m going to end up as a super-super-super-super senior! Why am I so horrible at this whole college thing? Actually though, how could I have thought Stat 1 was a 500 level class?! I suck at college!

Post-full-panic mode, I start looking into the major requirements for Computer Science again and lucky for me, since I am pursuing a BA, one of my math classes that I take can be whatever level I like and the other needs to be 200 level or above. So, I did get some of my information correct!

Crisis was averted and I ended up not having to drop Stat to switch it with a different class after all, but it was an emotional roller coaster of a situation.

For all incoming and prospective students, my advice is that you should definitely familiarize yourself with what each part of the class code means when signing up for classes so that you don’t make the same mistake that I did and then go through an emotional roller coaster over your schedule in Java class while your friend Theo is laughing at you. Thanks, Theo for teaching me something new. Couldn’t have made it through this semester without you girlie!