My first semester here in Hopkins has almost come to an end and I fly back home(yay!) in a few days for Winter Break. These 4 months have been nothing short of a mind-blowing journey from the moment I stepped on campus all the way to today. Time flew by so fast. New students orientation, first day of class, midterms, fall break, more midterms, thanksgiving break, more midterms (uggh), finals, and boom, it’s done.

It’s nice just to be able to sit here, pause for a moment and appreciate everything that has happened this semester because while I was in my flight to Baltimore, all I could think was, “How am I going to do this?” But, my first semester at college just can’t be put into words. The combination of the classes I took, the endless ranting I did (haha), the people I got to meet, the cultural events I attended, the experiences I went through,and the environment I was surrounded by, just made it so unique and so different.

Homesickness? Maybe not. 

Everyone heads off to college and feels homesick, but this feeling was further augmented for me as I came to a college 7000 miles away from my hometown.  I definitely missed home and still do (can’t wait to fly back home!), but eventually I became so busy and caught up in my daily routine that I couldn’t find time to miss home. Getting involved makes perpetually being homesick far less likely. Staying in touch with your high school friends is also highly recommended because they are often the best emotional support that you might get!

Work hard. Play hard. And then work harder. It’ll all be worth it. 

A majority of the freshman class takes an eclectic mix of classes for their first semester and all these classes have they own requirements. I always felt that my classes needed a lot of preparation, reading, and homework. While this takes some getting used to, I now see the academic challenges that Hopkins brings as a blessing. I am learning how to push myself to do my absolute best. This is a skill I will carry with me far after college.


Make both physical and mental health a priority.

All my visits to the HellWell (SHWC) have been during my most stressful periods at Hopkins. Midterms, club commitments, finals, too much caffeine, and even personal issues contribute to stress and anxiety. Consequently, I throw myself at my work and stop taking care of myself which is cause for trouble.

Taking care of yourself at college must be your top priority and must NOT be compromised with. Check out this amazing post- How to Survive the Freshman Plague by Nico Daurio !

I have to admit that as an international student with my first time here in the United States, I truly felt at home here at Hopkins. My first semester here came with own set of unique and even odd challenges, but I emerged as a better person, a smarter student, and (hopefully) a functioning adult.

You’ve all worked tirelessly for so long now, and while that won’t stop once you’re in college (muaahahahaha), you all do get a well deserved break. Congratulations to all the students of the Class of 2022!

Credits: Parks and Rec Season 7

     Welcome to Hopkins!