Well, here I am, at the end of my first semester of college. Two weeks from today, I’ll have submitted my last final (I can’t stress enough how much I hate physics) and be on a plane to see my family. It’s an incredibly strange feeling to be honest. Looking back on this past semester, I can easily say that it’s been great. Yes, it’s had ups and downs, and the couple of months were anything but easy, but overall, it finally feels like Hopkins is becoming my own. See, for the first couple of months, it’s going to feel like a stranger out of place. All freshman will. It’s almost like you’re invading someone else’s territory, and all you can do is sit there and take what comes to you, but now, it feels different. I feel like I’m really a part of Hopkins.


I’ve gotten involved in clubs, made friends, and achieved the goals I set out when I began college. Why is all of this relevant, you ask? Well, twelve days from today, early decision applicants are going to receive their decisions. That means that we’ll have our first batch of the JHU Class of 2020, which I found absolutely insane. What I’m saying here is for those ED kids, and for the rest of you if you’re reading this later in the year. Regardless of what the decision may be, you should know this: college is going to be a huge change, and while you may not feel like you belong at first, don’t worry. It’ll take some time, but the adjustment will happen, and once it does, you’ll feel like you can take on anything.