I experienced my first Hopkins homecoming this past weekend, filled with a multitude of selfies, sunburns, and lots of LAX. Picture this, the stands filled with Hopkins students, the campus more alive than its ever been, and so many people of all ages enjoying the homecoming festivities, that is precisely what homecoming weekend is all about. Homecoming was a time to get away from the library and the classroom and time to get out and soak up the sun, so that’s exactly what I did with my weekend.


One of the beauties of Hopkins homecoming is the fact that ours is celebrated over a lacrosse game, which, before this year, was a foreign subject to me. Thanks to my fraternity brothers, I have learned that the best possible way to learn about a game is to watch it, yell out a lot of random words, scream when everyone else screams, and to learn the fight song.



Homecoming was the time where everyone was out of their dorms and in the stands. It was a time for everyone to hang out with friends, meet new people, and meet alumni to hear stories about Hopkins from the past. Also, and most importantly, it was a time for our university to come together as one communal unit to support something that may seem so simple, but was so complex in its affects on our community.

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The most important aspect of any sporting competition is the idea of crowning a winner, and after excessive blood, sweat, and tears, we reigned victorious. 16-9, the score to remember, the score that marked a day of community, and the score that marked the best darn day I have had at Hopkins.