All things considered, I had a pretty good year.

2016 may be widely regarded as one giant dumpster fire, but for me, at least personally, it was the year that so many things fell into place. It ran circles around 2015, its evil predecessor, and with the plunge into the post-grad world looming in 2017, I think I’m one of the few who’s a little sad to see 2016 go. Whoops, unpopular opinion alert.

Almost definitely his fault.

Almost definitely his fault.

But, as they say, the show must go on. Me. I say that. Sometimes when I royally botch a line onstage, other times when I’ve spilled crumbs in my bed but am too lazy to clean them up. Tomato, tomahto. The show must go on.

And I intend to make 2017 quite the production. With one semester left at the place I’ve called home for four years, there’s no time for false starts or do-overs. In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda but also very probably Alexander Hamilton, “I’m not throwing away my shot.” So here are the ten New Year’s resolutions of a Hopkins senior, determined to have one unforgettable spring on her way out the door.

I, JHU_Allison, hereby resolve to:

Clean up my sleep schedule. We covered sleep patterns in Intro Psych, so yes, I know consistency is key. But here I am, treating my body like garbage with heinously haphazard bedtimes and wakeup calls. While this sleep schedule, or lack thereof, is doable in college, the real-world 9-5 grind is going to destroy me if I don’t make better habits now.

 Study at the Peabody Library. I’m pretty sure I’m the only Hopkins student who hasn’t taken advantage of this gorgeous venue. I want my Belle moment. I want my Instagram photo. I’ve earned it.

 Enjoy every dang minute of Spring Fair. I’ve spent the past two Spring Fairs rehearsing musicals instead of getting the most out of this beloved Hopkins tradition. Not this year. From sunup to sundown, my butt will be lounging on the Beach, eating a Bloomin’ Onion and sipping on a Strawberry Smoothie.

Take risks. A big item on my 2017 to-do list is to iron out the details of my post-graduation plans. I want to continue to push myself way out of my comfort zone and pursue any and all opportunities that excite me.

 But be kind to myself. At the same time, I find that a lot of graduating college students put tons of pressure on themselves to start the “perfect” job, graduate program, etc. the week after they’re handed their degree. It’s important to remind myself that this strategy is a recipe for disappointment. I resolve not to burden myself by frantically searching for my “dream job.” Instead, I’ll network. Apply to everything. And continue to take chances.

Get invested in Baltimore sportsball. One of those new and exciting chances is a winter/spring internship in the Global Communications department of Under Armour. While being a varsity athlete is hardly an application requirement, I’m determined to crank up my allegiance to the Baltimore birds. Unfortunately for this diehard Ravens fan, we’re nearing baseball season…so how bout them O’s?

Publish a poem or two. One of the classes in my final semester lineup is an independent study with my favorite poetry professor, Greg Williamson. With his guidance, I plan to polish up my portfolio and send some pieces out. Never again will I be surrounded by so many prolific writers, so I need to take advantage of their genius. Plus, it’s the only thing Mama Comotto wants for Mother’s Day.

Learn to say no. Up until this semester, I’ve regularly committed to (amazing!) off-campus opportunities that took me away from Hopkins for months on end. With only one semester left, I’m going to have to say no to these opportunities. Senior spring is all about living it up at Homewood, one last time.

 Learn to say yes. But when it comes to opportunities at Hopkins, yes is going to be my middle name. Whether it’s spontaneously going out on a weeknight, auditioning for the spring musical, or dressing up in wacky outfits with my fellow Alpha Phis, I’m going to push myself to get the most out of spring 2017.

 Never wish time away. We’re all guilty of this from time to time. No matter how much I adore being here, I can’t help but dream of summer vacation when I’m mired down in midterms. But this year, there’s no more summer vacation to dream of. Just graduation, the real world, and the great unknown. So above all else, no matter what spring 2017 has in store, I resolve to experience and enjoy every single moment. Because they’re numbered.


Wouldn't wish away a single second with these two.

Wouldn’t wish away a single second with these two.