Semesters at Hopkins tend to fly by. On top of busy class schedules, most students are running from activity to activity on a daily basis, before settling down for a bite to eat and a full night of homework. Everyone here has an insatiable drive to be active on campus, to participate and to realize his or her passion. Needless to say, after a semester of hard work we all need some time to recover.

As students have started trickling back to campus we’ve all asked each other what we were up to for break, and the answer is generally the same: I went home and I did nothing…and it was amazing. I myself am a strong subscriber to this statement. Vacationing with friends and family is always fun, but there is also something so satisfying about laying on the couch at home and reading a good book or watching endless hours of TV. I don’t think I’ve lived a more sedentary lifestyle than this winter break, and I couldn’t be happier.

Taking it slow also gave me the opportunity to make enough time to see my best friends from high school. Realizing that we may not know where we’ll be after graduation, we milked every second together. I also, of course, got to spend a lot of time with my family. While some of this time was spent teaching my parents how to use Netflix, it also was a good time to work together and gear up for my sister’s upcoming wedding.

Now that I’m back in Baltimore, not too much has changed. A lot of my friends are back, and we’re still taking advantage of our free time. There’s still the looming cloud of impending graduation and job applications, but why worry about that when we can enjoy Baltimore’s Restaurant Week or pile up on a couch to watch The Bachelor. Spring semester is approaching but we all know how fast it’ll go, so we’ll still take that step back and take the time to relax. After all, we deserve it.

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