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Alum Richard

Name: Richard Kumapley

Class Year: 2013

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Major(s): Public Health

Minor(s): Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, French Language and Culture

Industry: International Health

Current Job: Nutrition and Statistics Monitoring Office at the United Nations Children’s Fund

Current Location: New York, NY

Internships/Pre-Professional Experiences at JHU: UNICEF, Public Justice Center of Baltimore

Clubs/Sports/Groups at JHU: WJHU, Model United Nations, club soccer, and club volleyball

Favorite JHU Memory: Working a booth at Spring Fair with my WJHU buddies!

What about being a Hopkins student do you miss the most?

The real world isn’t anything like being a suite over from your closest friends.

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your pre-college self?


How do you feel Hopkins prepared you for where you are now?

Hopkins taught me how to continuously challenge myself and ask “why.”

How did going to school in Baltimore affect your college experience?

Baltimore has an underrated music scene. It was awesome to be able to watch great bands so close to Homewood.

Who was your favorite professor/what was your favorite class and why?

My favorite classes were Introduction to Epidemiology with Darcy Phelan-Emrick – Her classes were the highlight of my junior year.

History of America’s Popular Music with David Smooke – As a foreigner, it was a really great way to learn about American history.

Eloquent French with Kristin Cook-Gailloud – I appreciated the excellent community she fostered during our time with her in your class.