Where did February go?! It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2017, and now March is merely days away. Soon spring break will be just around the corner! Do I even know where my flipflops are? These sweeping weather changes have me more scrambled than mood swings…

Anyway, with the semester nearing the halfway mark, it’s about that time for one last recap of my final four classes at Johns Hopkins University. Hold your applause.

Introduction to Social Psych

 I know what you’re thinking. Allison? In a Psych class? Her senior year? That’s gotta be a last-minute distribution requirement.

…and you’re not wrong. This girl needs one more S (social sciences) credit to graduate, so here I am, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone in the 11th hour. And I’m enjoying myself! I’ve already taken Intro Psych and Intro Sociology, so I’m a lot more prepared than I thought I was for this material. In a few weeks, I’ll go out into the wild and conduct a social experiment of my own. Stay tuned.

Oral Presentations

 Guys. Guys. It is with no exaggeration that I say this might be the best class I’ve taken at Hopkins. And that’s because, four weeks in, I have already learned SO MUCH. Every week, we tackle a new speech or discussion, so I’m constantly practicing and improving my public speaking skills. All of our performances are recorded, and I can literally see myself getting better with every new topic. It’s certainly fast-paced, and this class dominates my workload, but it’s more than worth it to master this invaluable skill. Tomorrow, I’ll be interviewed by two of my classmates in front of everyone. And I couldn’t be more nervous—or excited.

The centerpiece of one of my slidedecks. See? Public speaking can be fun!

The centerpiece of one of my slidedecks. See? Public speaking can be fun!

Copywriting and Creative Strategy

 This is one of the Center for Leadership Education newest elective’s, and I feel so lucky to have caught it before graduating. I’ve been dying for some copywriting experience—Mad Men style—and this course is pushing me toward my goal of Creative Director with every passing week. We’re just getting started on our semester-long project, which will culminate in a full ad campaign of an industry underdog of our choosing. In a month or so, I’ll have shot my first commercial…just call me Speilberg.

My first semester without my marketing buddy by my side :(

My first semester without my marketing buddy by my side 🙁

Independent Study

 Nothing makes me feel more senior-esque than this fancy, schmancy ~independent study~. It’s with Greg Williamson, the professor I credit with helping me discover my true creative writing passion—poetic forms. I attend class with him once a week and complete weekly readings and poem assignments, while also working on some specific side projects, based on my own interests. The end goal is some good old-fashioned publication. Gulp.

And when I’m not studying? I’m living the dream at Under Armour (more on that later), knocking items off of my Hopkins bucket list, and starting the rehearsal process for one last off-campus musical—Spring Awakening! With this handsome fella right here.

The Moritz to my Wendla <3

The Moritz to my Wendla <3

These classes are so aligned with my interests that they barely feel like work! And what more could I ask from spring semester, senior year?