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Class Schedule

I’m a Public Health major on the pre-med track, so last semester my schedule was jam-packed with courses like chemistry and calculus. However, since I finished those requirements, this semester I’m left with a lot of flexibility and room to explore. I decided to branch out more into the humanities. Here’s what I think of each class so far:

Introduction to Sociology: This class helps fulfill some of my major requirements and is useful for the MCAT. So far, we’ve gone over social theories and important figures in history. The lectures are interesting and in my opinion the class is just the right length in time.

Principles of Marketing: I think this is my favorite class that I’m taking. Marketing is really interesting to me, so I’m glad that I was able to find room in my schedule. It’s super refreshing to read a textbook that’s not filled with math equations or chemistry formulas.

Research Methods in Public Health: In this class, we come up with a public health topic and research it for the semester. This is right up my alley and I believe can be interesting to anyone, as you pick your own topic to research.

Fiction/Poetry Writing I: If you told me a year ago I would be in another hard-core English class, I wouldn’t have believed you. English was never my thing in high school, but this class is really fun because it’s not analytical writing, but instead creative.

Professional Writing and Communication: The type of writing you do in this class varies a lot by professor, but my professor decided to focus on business plans. This is something I have never learned before, so I think it will be useful later in life and definitely has a ton of real-world application.