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Hey y’all! I hope you are enjoying the start of the summer! It’s crazy to think that I recently wrapped up my freshman year of college (I’m serious when I say it literally went by in 2 seconds)! Anyway, similar to last semester, I wanted to do a quick Semester Reflection for you:

1)Sex, Drugs, and HIV: An Introduction to the Pandemic

infographic about HIV

Hopkins offers students with a variety of classes to take during Intersession: a 3 week period prior to the start of 2nd semester classes. This year, I took a one week class about HIV. I really enjoyed this class and found daily lectures and activities to be very interesting, especially considering how pertinent HIV is when it comes to current healthcare.

2) Celebrating My 19th Birthday

Girl standing and posing
Group of friends posing for picture

This was my first birthday away from home, which definitely felt a little weird! But, it was great to be able to celebrate with such good friends! We went out to dinner at Namaste Baltimore, a trendy Indian restaurant fairly close to campus!

3) Secret Week and Initiation

bedroom decorated
group of girls standing
two girls posing for pictures

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how I decided to join a sorority this semester! Well, shortly after the rush period, we had something called secret week. During this week, my bigs went all out and decorated my room and spoiled me like crazy each day! At the end of the week, they revealed themselves right before initiation. I’m very thankful to not only have one great big, but two! Not only that, but I also happen to be a triplet, and I can honestly say I love having such an amazing and big family!

4) Traveling for Debate Tournaments

three people posing for picture

This semester, I had the chance to travel to a couple tournaments with the Hopkins Debate Team! Tournaments prove to be very busy weekends, but it’s nice to be able to experience them and bond with teammates. Also, this picture was taken at Princeton, which was extra special because I was able to spend some time with two of my best friends from high school!

5) Cherry Blossoms on Campus

cherry blossom tree

Anyone who knows me decently well knows that pink is my favorite color, and yes, I am a little obsessed! So, it made me very very happy to walk around campus and have these beautiful trees everywhere in the spring!

6) My Friend from High School Committing to Hopkins

two girls inside the Gilman atrium

In April, I got some great news that my good friend Maggie from my high school had committed to Hopkins! I remember physically jumping up and down when I got the text from her! A few weeks later, she visited for an admitted student day, and I was so glad to be able to spend some time with her. I took her around campus, had her try the amazing Insomnia Cookies, and introduced her to a few of my friends. I am so excited to have her on campus in the fall!

7) Spring Fair

two people posing outside of Gilman hall
girl getting pied in the face

Spring fair is by far the best weekend on the Hopkins campus! For one whole weekend, lots of food stalls and vendors set up all over campus, and there’s tons of fun activities for students. This was my first spring fair, and it definitely did live up to the hype! Also, my best friend happened to be visiting campus that weekend for debate nationals, so that was extra fun! Also, one of my bigs, Bex, is pictured above getting pied in the face as part of a fundraiser that our sorority did for childhood literacy!

Overall, I’m thankful to have wrapped up another great semester! I think in a lot of ways, my second semester was similar to the first one in the sense that I found myself being constantly challenged inside and outside the classroom and getting involved in a multitude of things on campus. But, I also feel like I was more “comfortable” this semester in some ways, because well…I thankfully wasn’t getting lost every day on the way to class! And also, we had all gotten past that adjustment phase, which was nice! I’m looking forward to being back on campus and to see what next semester holds, but for now, I’m thankful to be home! I hope you all have a fantastic summer!

Until Next Time,