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It feels like a lifetime ago that I arrived in Copenhagen. On New Year’s Day, our plane touched down in Denmark and we disembarked wrapped in scarves, bracing ourselves for the Scandinavian winter. In a country the size of Maine and consisting of more pigs than people, we were ready to spend our intersession abroad. For the next three weeks, we would be taking an intensive course on Social Entrepreneurship at the Denmark Technical University.

As the end of intersession approaches, I’ve been scrolling through my photos from our adventures outside the classroom. I present below my seven favorite scenes of Scandinavia.

(1) Copenhagen. The view of the city from my room after the first day of class was breathtaking. This would be our home for the next month.

(2) The Little Mermaid. Danish author Hans Christian Anderson is best known for his fairytales and references to his stories appear throughout the city. We rode our bikes throughout Copenhagen to visit the Little Mermaid Statue.

(3) Nyhavn. After walking a mile through Strøget, the longest shopping street in the world, we finally made it to colorful waterfront of Nyhavn.

(4) To be, or not to be: We travelled to Helsingør in northern Denmark to visit the Kronborg Castle, which inspired the Hamlet fortress.

(5) Meatballs, lygonberries, and potatoes, oh my! I travelled to Stockholm for the weekend was had a traditional Swedish meal. I must say, these meatballs were better than anything I have eaten in IKEA.

(6) Dancing Queen. The ABBA Museum was one of my must-sees in Sweden. My professor, Bill Smedick, joined my classmates and me as we danced our way through the museum.

(7) Gleaming Lights of the Soul: During our last week, my friends and I ventured to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to see Kusama’s permanent installation.

It’s been three days since returning and already miss my walk to class – passing Tivoli’s gates and grabbing coffee at Lagkagehuset. Denmark, I will return to your land of bikes, bread, and well-dressed Danes. Hej hej!

Annabeth R. is a senior from Seattle, WA studying biomedical engineering.