Many people say Hopkins is their second home, but when they say that, what they really mean is that Brody Learning Commons is their second home. This isn’t just because the average student spends egregious amounts of time studying in “BLC”, or Brody, but it’s also because of the litter of people that you can find dozing on one of Brody’s many sleep-inducing chairs.

At first I thought that the idea of sleeping in the library was preposterous, and I never would’ve imagined myself curled up in a ball on a nice spinning chair, eyes closed, alarm set, without a care in the world. Now, however, sleeping in the library is commonplace; It’s a matter of practicality, convenience, aaaand…. laziness. See, if I’m studying at Brody and I suddenly feel exhausted, my natural inclination is to either try and push through (This usually results in me going on the internet for long stretches of time and then sleeping anyway), drink caffeine (which works around 20% of the time), or take a nap. If I opt for the last option, which I usually do, then I have a decision to take. Do I make the 15-minute roundtrip journey from the depths of C level to my little corner of AMR 1 (WOOOO GO ROYCE!!!!! BEST HALL!!!!!) to sleep in my comfy bed? OR, do I just set up camp in Brody and take my 15-minute powernap inside the library?

There are pros and cons to both approaches. If I go back to my dorm I get a super comfy nap in the privacy of my own room with actual sheets, and with no one or nothing to bother me. That being said, going from Brody to my room and back is quite the trek, especially in inclement weather, and even more concerning is that every time I take a nap in my room, my notion of time goes out the window. What I intended to be a 15 minute recharge often turns into a 1.5 hour nap, or an 8 hour nighttime slumber. No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to wake up in time when I take a nap in my dorm, and it always stresses me out when time I allotted to work is cut into by oversleeping. In order to safeguard against this issue I started to take naps within Brody itself. Now I know what you’re thinking….why on earth would one sleep in Brody when they have a perfectly good bed at home…plus it takes like 2 minutes to go from Brody to the dorms…get a grip man. I see these thoughts and to them I raise my counterarguments:

  1. You don’t understand just how hard it is for me to actually get out of bed, whether it be for a 15 minute nap or after sleeping for the night. I just can’t do it.
  2. I’m a slow walker, what might seem like a 5, MAYBE 10 minute roundtrip to most is easily 15 for me
  3. I’m so lazy it’s not even funny…getting up to get a drink of water can be a chore sometimes
Inside my Humble Abode Lies my Humble Sleeping Arrangement

Inside my Humble Abode Lies my Humble                               Sleeping Arrangement

Believe it or not, sleeping at Brody has it’s perks, and while dozing off for a few in the public learning space is somewhat uncomfortable and awkward, and is sure to land you a spot on the “Sleeping Brody” Facebook page (for reference I’m post number 199 on there), it eliminates the walking and exposure to weather (hooray for never going outside!!). Additionally, It forces me to actually wake up when my alarm goes off ( I have headphones so no one can hear the rooster noises that wake me up lol) as I can’t justify sleeping through alarms while in a study space where everyone around me is working too.

Either way, each has its benefits and drawbacks, and in the interest of actually getting things done and not wasting a ton of time, I usually take my naps at Brody, while I sleep for the night in my dorm.

So far I’ve treated Brody as one object, and have basically said that all naps in BLC are the same, but in reality this simply isn’t true. Not all naps are created equal, and as that holds true, not all nap venues are created equal either. There are certain spots in Brody that are way better to snooze in than others, and In my next blog I will be ranking my favorite nap venues at Brody, along with some extra venues around campus where I’ve rested my weary head.