If anyone reading this follows my blog closely then you’ll remember a certain post I made in the middle of my first semester during freshman year. It was a relatively normal blog, nothing out of the ordinary, and was titled “Sleeping Brody”. The blog itself discussed the idea of, well, sleeping in Brody (our learning commons where many students study), and talked about why I’m a huge proponent for dozing off there. I brought up the reasons why I love resting my weary head in this place of learning and knowledge, and tried to make a case for this seemingly ridiculous act. Now, I’m sure you guys are wondering why I’m referencing this random blog from last year, and if you guessed that it’s to commemorate it’s one year anniversary you’d be partially right (Sleeping Brody Blog Posted: 11/12/16!!!!). The real reason I’m talking about it, however, is because the most dedicated of you all will remember that the blog was actually part one of a supposed two blog series. In the original post I mentioned that my next blog would be a post where I talked about my favorite spots and did a definitive ranking of them. Now, I’d like to take a moment to apologize to all my die-hard fans out there (this may be sarcasm I’ll let you figure that out) as instead of following through on my word I ended up blogging about my Thanksgiving break experience. For all those who were on pins and needles waiting for my ranking of Brody rest stops (can you tell I’m being sarcastic) I let you down, and for that I’m truly sorry. Have no fear though, for I will atone for my mistake tonight…..almost one year later….here is my ranking of Brody sleeping spots:

Side note: During these rankings I will often refer to Sleeping in Brody. For those VERY select few who don’t remember what Sleeping in Brody is from my last blog ( if its not painfully obvious I’m being sarcastic at this point then I’m sorry) it’s a Facebook page where people who nap in the library are forever immortalized with pictures to capture their glorious slumbers. Being on said page is the worst…I avoid it at all costs

5. Brody Atrium Chairs – These chairs are ridiculously comfortable, however dozing in one of them is just asking to be put on Sleeping in Brody – that makes it a no-go for me.

Atrium Chairs

4. M level tables – You sacrifice the comfort of the atrium chairs for a slightly better shot at not getting a picture taken of you by some stranger. I avoid that page like the plague so this tradeoff is a good one for me

M level table

3. A level tables – similar levels of comfort as the M level tables, only an even lower chance of getting caught (incidentally the only time I’ve ever been immortalized on sleeping in brody was actually on A level, but it’s because I sat in the most open and viewable area, and didn’t have people to use as human shields – both rookie mistakes. Ahh classic freshman Varun)

A level table

2. Cubicle – Cubicles aren’t comfy to sleep on whatsoever, but the chance of getting a picture snapped of you is quite low – especially if you sit in a spot that isn’t directly in the view of a lot of other cubicles or windows, and you avoid high foot traffic spots.


1. TV Rooms – Now this…this is the spot. The small and large TV rooms are the caviar of the Brody napping scene, as they are the perfect intersection of not just privacy, but also comfort. The rooms are full of extremely plush chairs that are lined up so that one can just sprawl themselves out over like three or four of them and comfortably snooze for as long as they please. The rooms are towards the back of A level where no one really ventures, and better yet they’re in a corner that’s slightly hidden for maximum privacy. The only issue with the TV rooms is that they’re usually locked (presumably because of people like me who use it to nap) and getting into one of them is quite the miracle.

TV room

The ever elusive TV room…closed again

Welp, that’s a wrap. To all those heartbroken blog lovers who didn’t think I’d make a part two (Okay I’m just gonna say it at this point: I’m being sarcastic) I’m sorry and thank you for your patience, it took a year but here we are. I hope you can now sleep easy knowing the places where I sleep easy (haha betcha didn’t know I’m punny), and if you have any nap-related questions I’d be happy to answer them.  Now, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’d be committing a horrible crime if I didn’t go take a nap, so goodbye, and wish me luck as I try to see if the TV rooms are open.

Picture of me sleeping in brody

Bonus: if you didn’t see it clearly here’s a picture of my one appearance on Sleeping in Brody