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After spending most of my summer at Hopkins taking Physics and Organic Chemistry, it’s safe to say I was more than excited to finally return home to Seattle. My family had booked a two week trip to Europe (I’m currently writing this while on the flight over to Amsterdam) which meant I would only have 8 days in the uncharacteristically sunny pacific northwest…challenge excepted. Here’s a summary of the wild and hectic time that was my week back home.

Day One: Saturday 8/5

  • I landed at 7 pm and my friends from Portland, Hersh and Yesh, who I hadn’t seen in about a year, surprised me at the airport
  • Portland squad and my friend Carson in tow my brothers and I went to target to pick up a basketball; which we then used 20 minutes later to play some late night hoops
  • At 11 all of us drove down to the city to meet up with my friends Alex, Adi and Noah, and our first stop was the famous late night burger joint, Dick’s Drive in
  • To cap the night we then went to the street of houseboats and after some *legally questionably* maneuvering and tiptoeing down docks so as not to be heard by sleeping residents we were in the middle of Lake Union with a breathtaking view of the skyline
    This trashy iphone picture doesn't do justice to the breathtaking view from the dock

    This trashy Iphone picture doesn’t do justice to the spectacular view from the dock

Day Two: Sunday 8/6

  • My friends from Portland and I woke up at around 9 and we headed down to the park to play basketball
  • In the afternoon we headed out to Seattle and I treated Hersh and Yesh to two Emerald City Classics, Bahn Mi (a traditional Vietnamese sandwich) and bubble tea
  • After Hersh and Yesh went home to Portland my family and I headed to one of my best friends Shobhit’s house for dinner
  • After a nice, wholesome home cooked meal I came back home and my friend Carson and I played Settlers of Catan and Playstation until 1 when I fell asleep
    Solid post-Catan pic w/ Carson ft. the ironing board

    Solid post-Catan pic w/ Carson ft. the ironing board

Day 3: Monday 8/7

  • I woke up at 7:30 to renew my passport in preparation for the Europe trip
  • I went shopping at the mall with my brother and bought a couple new pairs of shoes and a bunch of clothing
  • At night I hung out with my other best friend Allie and we went to a local bubble tea joint and played more Catan. Afterwards we drove all around the eastside (the area east of Seattle where my friends and I live) and unleashed our inner child by going on see-saws and swings and just generally horsing around
    Allie and I getting our Catan on

    Allie and I getting our Catan on

Day 4: Tuesday 8/8

  • Allie and I went to brunch at a local favorite, Couzin’s Café, and immediately after I went to my dentist appointment
  • Following the dentists (which was surprisingly emotional since it was my last ever appointment and he went through 15 years of patient visits, shared his favorite memories with me, and gave me life advice/told me to visit) Allie Shobhit and I played Cards Against Humanity and had a blast laughing our tails off
  • I then headed to the gym and following some pickup basketball came back home to a delicious meal of spinach and cheese stuffed Indian bread
  • At around 10:30 I headed to my friend Sohrab’s house, where me, him and Shobhit played FIFA and watched Rick and Morty until we fell asleep
    Brunch at Couzin's Cafe
    Brunch at Couzin’s Cafe

Day 5: Wednesday 8/9

  • I woke up at 11:30 and went home, and after lunch I picked up Allie and we headed to Downtown Seattle to get some errands done
  • After I picked up my passport and Allie got the textbooks she needed to pick up, we met back up with Shobhit and we all played Cards Against Humanity again
  • We then watched Shobhit’s basketball game and immediately after we went to the local wing place for Unlimited Wing Night.
    Chowin on wings with chopsticks ft. shobhit's waffle fry smolder

    Chowin on wings with chopsticks ft. Shobhit’s                                waffle fry smolder

Day 6: Thursday 8/10

  • I woke up early in order to hit the gym, and after coming home to shower and eat breakfast I went to my doctor’s appointment
  • I then visited Carson at Chipotle, where he works, and after chowing down on a burrito I met up with Allie and Adi to play Catan and Frisbee, and we also tried some delicious dessert from the Chinese restaurant where Allie works
  • Following Frisbee we met up with Shobhit and Noah and all five of us went mini golfing which was a blast, as we didn’t keep score so we just messed around and hit the balls around the course as hard as we could
  • After mini golf I headed back home, ate dinner, and watched the mariners game with my family at home
  • After the game I headed to Sohrab’s house where my friends and I got together for a party
    L to R: Allie, Shobhit, Noah, and Adi showing their moni-golf might

    L to R: Allie, Shobhit, Noah, and Adi showing their mini- golf might

Day 7: Friday 8/11

  • The next morning Allie, Alex, Adi and I woke up and went to IHOP for some pancakes (my order is and always will be chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with extra chocolate chips)
  • In the evening I played baseball with Carson and then Alex, Noah, Shobhit and I went to the Mariners game which was awesome even though they took the L, as you youngins say nowadays
  • After the game we chowed down on Seattle Dogs (Hot dogs with cream cheese and onions) from my favorite stand and then All of us headed down to Alex’s and met up with Allie for a smaller, laid back party
    The squad :)

                                     The squad 🙂

Day 8: Saturday 8/12

  • Allie and Shobhit woke me up at 8 to say their goodbyes (spoiler it wasn’t actually goodbye) and after I went back to sleep for another couple hours I drove out to meet my friends Emma and Prieuer
  • We got lunch and explored the nearby city of Everett and planned our eventual roadtrip to Canada for sometime in the near future
  • I came back home and after a nap started packing for the family Europe trip on Sunday
  • At night Carson and I played Catan before I got a text from my friend Sahil that he was coming into Seattle from USC at midnight
  • I picked up Allie (Surprise!) and Sahil and we romped all over Seattle until 4:30 AM when it was finally time to call it a night
  • I headed home and mentally prepared myself to wake up in three hours for our Europe trip; my week back home had come to a conclusion
    Sahil and the city
    Sahil and the city; the perfect conclusion to a perfect week