About a week ago, I had the opportunity to be a Host Advisor for SOHOP. SOHOP, for those who don’t know, stands for Spring Open House and Overnight Program. It’s an event where accepted students have the opportunity to visit Hopkins and stay overnight in order to gauge whether or not they fit in at the university. As Host Advisor, I had the responsibility of making sure visiting students attended all of the planned programming, were matched with a current student that would host them over night, and felt at home throughout their stay. During SOHOP, I had the opportunity to meet many students, and from my short conversations with them I could tell that each was extremely intelligent and talented in his or her own way.

After conversing with accepted students, I found out that for some, Hopkins was their dream school right from the get-go. However, for others SOHOP would really serve as the deciding factor between whether they would come to Hopkins, or go to some other (obviously not as amazing) school. In order to gauge what their experience at Hopkins would be like if they were to attend, it was the admitted students’ job to ask me all of the questions they had on their minds, and it was my job to truthfully answer them.


In this blog I thought it would be interesting to include some of the most common questions I got, as well my answers to them. I’ve also included some funny questions towards the end, some so silly that you wouldn’t believe they were actually asked.

What is your favorite “thing” about Hopkins?

I got this question a lot. Everyone wants to know that one “thing” that that drew me to and keeps me at Hopkins. I’m fairly certain I’ve addressed this question in one of my earlier blogs, but the simple answer is that I love that at Hopkins everyone is so involved both on and off campus. This is made possible not only because Hopkins students are extremely self motivated, but also because the university offers over 300 different clubs, organizations, and student groups to all of of its students. If you’re interested in seeing what I am involved in, I wrote about it in my last blog titled: “Why I don’t have time for the gym“.

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At Hopkins, we work together!

What is your least favorite thing about Hopkins?

I’ve noticed that when students asked me this question they were really curious because until this point they had only heard great things about Hopkins from admissions officers and other faculty. Interestingly enough, my least favorite thing about Hopkins would have to be the rainwater drainage system. You’d think that a school that conducts a lot of engineering-related research would be able to easily handle flooding from rainwater. However, when it does rain a lot (and I mean a lot) walking to class becomes very difficult, especially if I’m trying to stay dry. On one occasion I even packed an extra pair of socks and shoes because I knew there was no way I’d make it to class without being ankle deep in water at some point or another. That being said, I’ve noticed that there has recently been an effort by Hopkins to collect and direct water so that it drains a lot faster. Phew!

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Is everyone at Hopkins pre-med?

No! Many people assume this because the university is well known for its research and for its close ties to the Johns Hopkins Medical School; however, everyone is not pre med. In fact, the number of people that graduate pre med is a lot less than you’d think. I’ve noticed that some people come in to Hopkins on the pre med track because they feel pressured to do so by their pre-conceived notion that everyone around them will also be pre med. However, once they’re actually on campus many students realize that there so much that they are interested outside of the world of medicine.

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And now for the not so serious questions/silly interactions:

Which calculator will help me get good grades here? I’m kind of conflicted between the Ti 84 Plus Silver Edition and the Ti 89.

Honestly, all that matter is that the calculator has it has numbers… I wouldn’t stress to much about the specific model.

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Student: Who is the author of your Physics textbook?

Me: I have no idea. Let me check.

(I look at book)

Me: It says “Halliday”

Student: OHHH! Halliday, Resnick, and Walker are my jam!!!!

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If I’m conducting an experiment in the middle of the night and need access to chemicals where do I go?

It took me a couple seconds to realize that this was a relatively serious question. When I realized he was being serious I said:

I am not so sure. Depending on how close you are with a professor, I’m sure you’d be able to work something out. That being said, I don’t think its common for freshman to have overnight lab access.

A question like this shows you how motivated Hopkins students really are!

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Can we go out (to a party) tonight (Wednesday night)?

Yeah… we’re going later tonight. It should be on your SOHOP schedule…

(this was my attempt at humor – we did no such thing)

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