Hello and welcome to Hayley-Go-Lucky, my brand new sophomore year blog. It’s so strange to think that this time last year I was writing about living in AMR I, exploring different majors and discovering all the different parts of campus. This year I am a seasoned sophomore (with a declared major!) living in Homewood. While I loved taking a plethora of random but interesting classes last year, I’m even more thrilled to delve into my major specific courses.

(not in class) at an Oriole's Game!

(not in class) at an Oriole’s Game!

General Physics for I for Biological Science Majors: So this is actually a pre-med requirement and not a neuroscience requirement, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the class! Professor Krolik is making a huge effort this year to make the lectures more interactive, so a majority of class time is spent using IClickers to vote on multiple choice concept questions. I feel like I’m a Jeopardy contestant and not in physics lecture!

General Physics Laboratory: I have only had lab once before, but there is one major benefit I already love: all the lab work is done in class!! There is no homework!!!! I love it.

History of Medicine: This is the first class I’ve taken in the department of History of Science and Technology and I already am in love. My favorite subject in high school was always history, so I’m so happy to have found a department that meshes my love of history and science together (two seemingly opposite subjects!). Right now we are covering ancient Greek medicine using the Hippocratic texts. It’s amazing to see how far the practice of medicine has come, but to also see what hasn’t changed.

Fiction/Poetry Writing I: In a schedule full of hard science classes, this class is a great change of pace. I love that the homework is reading short stories, and I’ve actually enjoyed being creative in the writing assignments! I’m looking forward to improving my writing skills.

The Nervous System I: This is without a doubt my favorite class of the semester. Professors Hendry and Zhao make the hour and fifteen-minute class fly by. We have only had five classes, but today we had our first exam! The pace is fast, but I love how in depth we are going into every aspect of the nervous system.

Just another beautiful Hopkins Sunset

Just another beautiful Hopkins Sunset