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A little while back, I wrote a blog about JHU’s formal sorority recruitment process in January. I still 100% feel #noragrets about joining Pi Beta Phi, and this week is a great week to talk about even more benefits of it – because this week is Secret Week!


Spring Break Forever

Secret Week is an absolutely magical week in which your Big (a sister in the pledge class above you – and in my case, TWO Bigs!) gives you gifts every day in order to welcome you to the sorority.  This week, your Big is a secret, hence the name Secret Week. She sneaks around your dorm leaving you things, messaging you over a fake Facebook page, or, in my case, texting me with a burner phone to make sure I get my gifts. You can’t really miss them though…. my entire bed is covered in stuff every day.


Texting with the burner phone

Of course, this week is more than just getting tons of sorority t-shirts and candy (though it is a major plus). This is the introduction to your Big! This is the sister that will be the first person to congratulate you for acing a midterm and the shoulder you will cry on during a rough patch. She will mentor you throughout your college experience, and she is one of the first people to welcome you once you are initiated into the sorority.


“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”

My secret week has been amazing, and I’ve gotten so many gifts that I don’t know what I will do with everything. I came back from Spring Break last Sunday to an overflowing bed – I got wall signs, a Pi Phi blanket, tons of t-shirts, and more candy and baked goods than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. That was only Day 1. Day 2 was generally pop culture themed – I got stuff from Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars (as well as more candy and Pi Phi shirts!) Day 3 was Treat Yo’Self Day – probably my favorite day out of all of them. I got spa supplies, nail polish, makeup, AND a giant Insomnia Cookie was delivered to me. That day was also incredibly well-chosen, because it was also Pi Phi’s date party! I got to wear my new lipstick and eyeliner to the venue. Yesterday – day 4 – was Spring Break Forever: I got a giant inflatable shark and tons of tropical-themed candy and clothes. As I write this here at 2:20pm, I know I still have a delivery coming at 3:30, so we will see what is in store for me this afternoon!




Tonight, my Bigs will be revealed to me at our Revelation Ceremony, and I can say that I love them so much already. They absolutely spoiled me this week and I am so so thankful for them. Can’t wait to see you tonight, Biggies!!!


Harry Potter, Star Wars, & Pi Phi – what’s more to love?