It’s Sunday night, I should be doing something worthwhile with my time, but alas, here I am scrolling through my endless newsfeed on Facebook. And while scrolling I happen upon the pictures of my friends who are still in high school, and I pause. I chuckle a little to myself because I now enjoy the liberty of college while they are struggling in the clutches of 9:30 AM all-school assemblies (actually though, getting out of assembly was like trying to part the Red Sea), but then I see that it was Spirit Week.

Pajama Day Anyone? Also footie pajamas are the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear I promise

Spirit Week was something really special at my high school, especially senior year. It was the time to come up with ridiculously themed days for an entire week and go all out (fun fact: the Hopkins Admission Counselor came and visited on Pirate Day, I was a wee-bit embarrassed but that’s a story for another day, matey!).  The entire school community came together to celebrate our athletes and it was one of the best times of the year.  Seeing spirit week and Homecoming pictures posted on Facebook made me slightly nostalgic, but also made me think about the spirit we have here on campus. I’ve been to two open houses so far, and have been asked by a lot of prospective parents and students about Hopkins’ spirit. There seems to be a fear that students here are so wrapped up in their studies that there isn’t time to go enjoy a game or to go support classmates in what they’re doing. I’m here to tell you: fear no more!

Hopkins has an incredible spirit and I think it’s visible almost all of the time! I personally have not been to a game yet, but I can assure you that the fans go wild. My dorm (Building A) is situated on the edge of the freshman quad closest to the Rec Center, and therefore closest to Homewood Field. On game night you can guarantee hearing a play-by-play of what’s happening and the screaming/chanting of the fans in the stands, and it all sounds like so much fun! I’m disappointed that I haven’t made it to a game so far, so I’m hoping I can make it to one in the near future.

But school spirit isn’t only reserved for sports.  If there’s one thing that students on campus love doing, it’s supporting their peers.  There are always events happening around campus, and there is always student support for these events. And in addition to the supporting friends, students in general love to explore and experience new things. A student might go to a symposium held on topics different from what they are studying, or go listen to a speaker who’s ideas may or may not line up with their own. Two weekends ago, we celebrated Diwali on campus and I was excited to see the number of people who showed up! There were of course those who were familiar with and loved the traditions, but there were also many who didn’t know anything about it and were willing to learn about it, try the food, and dance and sing along with us.

Kranti–the A Capella group I’m in– before performing at Diwali!

So what I’m trying to say is, don’t be fooled by our dangerously good academics. We might work hard, but that doesn’t take away from our love of getting excited as a campus and coming together (sorry I’m not sorry for that link). Celebrating the accomplishments of our peers is one of the best and most exciting things to do, and we take every opportunity we can to do it!