The second day of Spring Fair 2017 is almost over. In the past ~36 hours, I’ve eaten a ridiculous amount of food, spent more time on the Beach than I have all year, and got my fortune told. I can say confidently that my first Spring Fair has been a success.

The freshman quad was transformed seemingly overnight; when I walked by Friday morning I could barely make it through the sea of booths, food stands, and tables. People were everywhere, eating, throwing frisbees, and sliding down inflatable slides. When I got out of class, I quickly finished a couple pressing assignments, then raced to join them.


I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do first. Smells, sounds, and sights demanded my attention from all directions. I wanted to stop by every single booth, and sample every food stand. Vendors selling everything from salsa to fossilized dinosaur poop (yep, I’m completely serious) lined the path from the quad all the way to Gilman Tunnel. I bought a strawberry smoothie and walked along the path, making sure to pet as many dogs as I could (there were a lot of dogs). I didn’t end up buying anything except the fortune telling. I’d always wanted to get my fortune told. I’m going to have a long-lasting marriage and a career that will take a while to get off the ground, but when it does I’ll be super successful and retire early. Also, I need to start demanding more from people.


I got a warm, fresh gyro and a funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar, then hung out with my friends on the Beach. We played cards and threw a football until it got dark, then wandered around campus. It was strange, seeing all the tents still set up but with no one around. I wished I had gotten tickets to the concert, but I still have three more chances.


Idk how they got 5 hammocks up there but they did it

I woke up early on Saturday (keep in mind early for me is like 11:30) to another perfect, blue-sky day. I went in a bouncy house for the first time in like 6 years, then got lunch and went back to the Beach for almost the entire day. We played football, spike ball, can jam, and spent hours laying in the grass, listening to a band play festival music, and enjoying every minute of the weekend before the last week of classes.


After spending basically all semester stressed out and sleep deprived, Spring Fair was necessary to take my mind off school and recharge before the final push of the year. I’d been anticipating Spring Fair pretty much ever since I committed to Hopkins, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The weather was flawless, the food was delicious, and I spent the weekend surrounded by my favorite people. Tomorrow I go back to the daily grind and dive into the work I’ve been putting off for the last few days, but it was certainly nice to be reminded that Hopkins isn’t all classes and exams and all-nighters. And, of course, that summer break is just around the corner.