Here at Hopkins, Spring Break splits the semester directly down the middle; it gives a perfect break in between all our work. With my break, I went back home to reclaim the sunny, sandy beaches of Palm Beach, But I didn’t want to just return to my own oasis, of course I had to pull my northerner friends down with me! I loved being able to share my home with people and showing them all my favorite places back down in South FL. Everyday was a new adventure to different parts of South Florida, and each day was filled with that humid, sunny weather I was used to. It was good to be home, but great to be able to show people who I had become so close with where I grew up! Here are a few of my favorite moments from the week.


This was taken on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, which is about an hour south of where I live. This is definitely a beach know for its vibrancy and its beachside shops, restaurants, and bars. Also it has iconic Las Olas signatures, like the vintage beach walls and pretty white lifeguard houses. This definitely a place to take friends and meet new ones.


This is a photo from an outdoor shopping mall around us, since everyone loves to do everything outside in Florida, these are everywhere. Also driving around in old cars is a thing, so this photo shows a combination of these two very snowbird-floridian traditions.


This is a picture from my favorite part of Miami, Wynwood. This is the ever growing arts district that resulted from the repurposing of old manufacturing warehouses. The streets are filled with galleries and hipster places to get smoothies, but the most stunning thing about this area are the ever changing colorful walls, almost every square inch of outdoor wall space is covered in art.



This is a picture from the first day where we visited the local beach around me. It was an interesting experience to be surrounded by my Hopkins friend at a place that I used constantly throughout my pre-college life, but I loved it. This is my friend Kai trying to carry me at this beach. He did so for about 5 seconds.


These are my besties that I plan on living with next year and on the beach on Palm Beach Island!! Again, it was a bit surreal, but I loved getting to show them around and to see the wonders of this place!