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As you may or may not be able to tell, I’m a serial over-packer (both literally and figuratively, tbh). I like to have everything at hand and I like to prepare for the worst. Never mind the (probably) early onset scoliosis (since my backpack is maaaaaybe 63+ lbs on a good day) or the ever-worsening posture–my backpack is a sacred entity unto itself.

in all her glory

I’ve always had an unfortunate habit of carrying everything on me at all times, but I really do believe I need it all. If any one thing happens to be missing or misplaced, my entire day becomes an endless struggle of me needing that ONE thing. For example, my trusty umbrella is conspicuously absent from the overlay above (which I admittedly spent an embarrassing amount of time setting up and standing on library chairs to photograph). It’s missing because I lost it last Wednesday and, lo and behold, Baltimore is suddenly the Amazon during monsoon season (re: it’s been raining. a lot.). Running to class is annoying, but running to class soaking wet? It’ll ruin your entire week.

Anyways! Here she is!

don’t bother investing in folders if you’re not gonna get different colors

Folders: One of the many things I enjoy about classes at Hopkins is that while most of your classes will have a significant on-line portion (either in the form of online problem sets, video lectures, post-labs, etc.), you’ll still get hard copied things as needed. Personally, I’m not too huge on technology when it comes to lectures/in-class notes (as a result of one too many unfortunate experiences losing very important files), so folders are a must!

how many is too many

Journals: Okay it seems like a lot, but hear me out……actually, I have no rationalization as to why I need 5 separate journals that serve essentially the same purpose. I concede. It is irrational.

Calculator: Hopkins doesn’t allow calculators in any of the math classes offered here (during exams, at least), but they’re still super important for those that are in lab/any science class, really.

iClicker: The mother of all annoyances. Just kidding, iClickers force you to go to class and actively participate. It’s a way for professors to collect attendance and a way for students to get an idea of what they know (but most likely, don’t know). Go to class, kids – you’re not paying the big bucks to sleep in.


Miscellaneous: Earphones, chargers, water bottle, wallet. Water bottles at Hopkins have an unfortunate tendency of disappearing into the wind (never to be seen again), so if you’ve got an expensive one, keep that baby close to you at ALL times (or you will be dehydrated for the rest of the semester). Oh, and a word to the wise – do NOT buy a pack of 3 earphones for $7 on eBay NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING THE OFFER IS. The left earbud of my 3rd (third!) earphones has been broken and the remaining working bud will shock me if the song I’m listening to has a particularly strong base (there’s a reason I now exclusively listen to the “Chillin’ on a Dirt Road” playlist on Spotify and it’s NOT because I have a desire to chill on a dirt road). Learn from my mistakes.