Experiencing Spring Fair for the first time was probably my favorite moment at Hopkins so far. The campus was completely transformed into a wonderland of food … among other things. There was everything from chicken on (a) stick to N.C. pulled pork sandwiches and fried oreos. At the closing of a semester, Spring Fair is this great break before finals week. It’s a time to give your mind a break and reconnect with friends after weeks of long nights in Brody. We can all talk and hang out and enjoy the summer weather of Baltimore (which is actually pretty similar to Florida’s). It was a pause from the usual grind of being a student at Hopkins. Even though I love the fast pace, it’s good to have a slow moment once in awhile.

Spring fair brings not only the whole student body together, but the Baltimore community as a whole. On the various quads you can find all different types of delicacies from around the area as well as local goods and crafts. I loved wandering around the tents and finding new treasures around every corner. It was a great opportunity to find decor for the new common area me and my friends would have in Charles Commons next year, gifts, and great clothing and jewelry pieces. It was a place where you could see the creativity and the craftiness of Baltimore all at once.

However, as I mentioned before, the food was the main event. Then again, food is always the main event for me. Chicken on (a) Stick was the main star of Spring Fair. It is a fresh grilled strip of chicken breast that tastes so inexplicably good. Some of the other main attractions at Spring Fair were a classic southern barbecue stand, a Jamaican food truck with great food and music, a stand of everyone’s favorite fried fair food, a stand devoted to different types of lemonade and frozen drinks, and even a raw oyster “bar”. I tried everything I could get my hands on, and it was all amazing. This again just attests to the diversity of cultural experiences and variety that Spring Fair attracts and showcases of the greater Baltimore community.

And there was the music. Not to mention the amazing and wild Steve Aoki concert at Rams Head Live, there were live performances on the beach for the whole weekend and just random songs coming from the speakers of different students, coming from dorm room windows and tight knit circles of friends, making the whole campus come alive with sound.

All of Spring Fair was encapsulated in the Saturday evening that I sat on the beach with my friends. The sun was setting, the day cooling down, and the beat of drum reverberated back to us. I was slurping on a strawberry lemonade and eating kettle corn, because, well, you know me. We talked and laughed and all took the moment to breathe for a second. We could reminisce on how we’d come here at Hopkins. For me, as a student and as an individual, Spring Fair was this opportunity to look back and see that this is really how I’ve been shaped for the better here. At the end of the semester, surrounded by people that I had just met by crazy coincidence I was so grateful in that moment for everything that Hopkins has given me (including Spring Fair).